Wednesday, 15 May 2013

002. 18 months on, finished Grotz - finally...

Finished off the little buggers last night, although if I'm honest, the lad with the hair could do with another look in once I figure out what the Ork's hair in the main mob will look like.

Anyway, pictures:

Not sure whats going on with the camera but that blue tone is unintentional

Happy enough with these little buggers - wasn't much more work on them to be honest, just a few bits and bobs and then tidying up the bases.  But they are now done and can join the rest of the buggers I did nearer two years ago.

Group shot - I do love the Ork range

Started laying down the base colours for the next two Orks - a Nob and a Prospektor Mek from the old Gorka Morka range.  Looking forward to getting on with these and they will  be my focus this week.

Base metallics laid down (Tin Bitz and dry brushed Gunmetal Grey and Oily Steel) and first wash (Devlan Mud) tinting applied

I'm aiming for a weekly post for now, and have designated Wednesday nights blog posting night to start adding some regularity to my hobby time (a simple idea institute after reading this post here at Miniature Tim's fine blog).  Every second Monday is Infinity games night with some of the lads, and I'm trying to do at least 30 minutes to an hours worth on Saturdays and Sundays around family commitments, plus whatever spare half hour I find during the week assuming I'm not completely knackered or spending time with the missus.

And with 'Arry, the photogenic Ork Nob

So what does that mean for the blog?  Well it can expect an update hopefully every Wednesday night after work - either a finished mini, a WIP shot or a game run down or some similar musing.

Cheers all,



  1. Very nice work Frother - top-quality stuff. Interesting trick with the base metalics, do you then paint on the green or is there some intermediary stage? Also I'd love to know how the red armour is done, I'm always trying to get that chipped/worn look on my models, and failing. Too much time painting nice neat Guard.

    Might we be able to see a tutorial for these guys one day? All in all great post and great blog, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks Col.

    The metallics are solely for metal areas - any metal paint on a skin section at this stage is more a result of my general messiness when playing around with the metallic colours than anything else - really the reason I get them out of the way first.

    The red is simply splotching on a base and couple of lighter tones over the top in a random pattern - I do this after the metals so the metal showing through is the bottom layer, rather than doing chipping after the fact in which case the metal is on top of the red and not really natural - although to the eye it makes no difference -more an OCD thing one of the guys I used to paint with used to hammer me on. When I get to that stage I will be sure to document it.

    I like painting Orks as they are not neat and tidy - as opposed to Marines and Guard which naturally lean towards clean and crisp paint jobs.

    Thanks again for stopping by and being my first commenter in this new blogging iteration. We've actually swapped comments previously in my prior blogging guise as Rogue Pom. After I stepped away from the hobby after some real life upsets, and finally came back, I decided on a whole new approach complete with new avatar presence.

    1. Ah I see - well it's very good to see you on here again, hope those real life issues are sorting themselves out. A very welcome return to the blogging scene.

      And thankyou for those comments, I'll try that. I've always automatically done metal-on-red, so I might try the other way round.