Saturday, 18 May 2013

003. Long term projects - Heresy Ultramarines...

Hopefully clean resin goodness

A cheeky mid-week post after saying last time out I would only be posting on Wednesdays.  Its cold here at the moment, finally letting go of the lovely spring weather we have been experiencing recently even though its nearly Winter - Autumn here has been tame.  Being cold, I didn't fancy sitting in my back room painting today with my spare hobby time, so instead i pulled out all my little baggies of resin that I have been stockpiling for the six months or so and put it all in a big bowl with some washing liquid and warm water and gave it a good rinse or three.  I've laid it all out in front of the gas heater (much to the delight of the missus) to dry.

I've been building a Cataphractii Terminator a week for the last little bit after work while reviewing other peoples blog posts so they are mostly ready to base, but the rest of it is not being touched for a bit yet (at least until I see what else FW has in store for the boys in blue).  

As the title to this post says, this is one of my longer term projects (who am I kidding, aren't they all that) that supplements my insatiable need to build Space Marines and never paint them - by the time I'm old and done with all this toy soldier malarkey I will probably have every Legion and named Chapter built and based in a primered only condition on my shelves.

While I am waiting for this all to dry so I can bag it all up and put it all away again, I am settling in to read Col. Scipio's rather charming PDF Codex Imperialis: Palladin Guard - a nicely put together fluff codex for his home grown Imperial Guard regiment.  It's pieces of hobby like this that remind me why I'm in this game - the joy of the hobby shines through when you stumble across blog's like the good Col.'s where their love of the hobby is genuine and obvious.

Happy hobby all,


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  1. Sounds really good - I do like the projects where a gamer tries to create a whole chapter/legion/regiment, and where vision isn't hampered by worrying etc. I'll be watching this one!

    And thanks for my shout, glad you like it :)