Wednesday, 8 May 2013

001. Lets keep it simple then...

Keeping it simple for my first proper jaunt out and about in a while.

My paint station

This is my current painting space although if the missus had her way I would be out in the shed - lucky she's not having her way as its cold and dreary out there with the spiders.

I picked up a Back 2 Base-ix MDF rack system as they are local to me and it looked the biz on the website.  I wasn't disappointed in the system itself, more my ability to do a simple addition of paint pots to judge how big a system and what type of rack would be needed.  As you may see, i could have done with another larger section cut to GW sized pots - but I'm happy enough with what I have and its better than the old system of stacked pots where the one I needed was always at the bottom.

This months targets

My aim with the balance of this month is to see of these Grotz and their handler which I started over 12 months ago by my recollection prior to having a bit of time away from the hobby.  Now that I am feeling the painting itch again I figured it was high time they were done.  The ones at the front with the flocked bases are part of a group I did a while ago and are my reference.

Those two black Orks are next I think - a couple of old Gorka Morka figs if memory serves, with a few alterations to the Nob to use a current axe and pistol - swapped hands at the same time and as good a conversion as I'll do.  The large Nob waving his fist around is the guide for how they may look.

The Infinity Metro's are also something I am slowly plodding away at (those large swirls of blue on the tile may have been a give away) and they might get a look in this month too seeing as they get actual game time whereas the Orks and other assorted miniatures on the shelves of shame do not.

Simple enough for a first post.  lets see where this takes me then.

Cheers all,


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  1. Jealous.

    My space - for the while - involves all my toys packing awaay into a small tin: