Monday, 1 July 2013

009. Indie-Go-Go - Massive Voodoo...

Looking after the wee bairn has kept me run of my toes for the last 3 and half weeks - she's a little gem and I am told regularly a really good baby, particularly for her sleeping, but I'm honest enough to say some days it doesn't feel that way - being a new parent is hard work.  This gig has been much harder than I had anticipated, and my beautiful partner has done a tremendous job keeping us all on track while I had a mini breakdown.

This week has seen a change come over us though as the wee one has become more aware of her surrounds and that is giving us more independence.  Given I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks and the missus wants to try to establish a routine around me not being here all day, she sent me out today with my Mam to watch the new Super Man movie (not what I was expecting - a bit meh personally) while she got on with being a mother on her own.

I came home to a happy missus and a happy baby so it looks like she got on well.  I also came home to a package from Germany from the lads over at Massive Voodoo.  It was my copy  of their Figure Art book and bonus Documentary Book from their successful Indie-Go-Go campaign last year.  Truth be told I had forgotten about this package given the delays experienced in realising it, but was chuffed non the less to get it today.

The two books plus some Massive Voodoo stickers

With the little one napping, I took the opportunity to flick through the books and snap a few pictures and throw them up on the old blog.

The Art Book itself is well put together and covers a range of miniatures in all scales painted by the two lads, Raffa and Roman, with a bit of blurb on each one describing the scene, or what the painters felt at the time. The photography is top notch, and showcases their work beautifully.  I would have preferred a few more snaps of some of the pieces, some close ups and alternate angles, but there is such a wealth of eye candy in here it would have been hard for the boys to get more in there.

A lovely self sculpted 40k Preacher homage

A brief WIP discussion of the same miniature

The Doco books is of slightly lower quality (I can't see how the lads made money of this at all given the quality of the main book, plus postage and the Doco book - it seems to have been a labour of love rather than one of financial reward) though still well presented, and gives some deeper explanation about techniques and tips and tricks the boys use in their work.  English not being their first language is probably the books only major downfall, as some of the syntax/expressions used haven't translated well from German - but that again is nether here nor there.  For the $35 this cost me, I am very happy with the product, and even have my name in the credits at the back of the main book which is nice.

I'll leave a few more snaps below and then must be off as the bubs is stirring.

Happy hobby all,


As the picture says - a large Vietnam US Marine figure
A spread of Terminators
From the Doco book - a discussion on eyes
Some more WIP discussions from the Doco book

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