Tuesday, 17 September 2013

011. Gorka Morka Ork Nob finished...

Finally finished!
I think the title says it all.  I sat down last night after the wee one had gone to bed and finished of this Nob who has been on the go for a couple of months now.  Its an old Gorka Morka Nob which I swapped out the left axe hand for a plastic Nob pistol, and the entire right arm for another plastic Nob Choppa.  I also switched out the head (the original had a much smaller head - obviously GW have played with the proportions since this mini was originally made ~1999) for another bit from my Bitz Box - useful thing it turned out to be for this job.

Colour scheme is straight out of my normal Ork approach as is seen in my next picture - the family shot of all my Nobz / Banner Boy / Warlord.  The new one is a bit of the runt.

Family Photo - 'Arry the Photogenic Ork looks massive next to the new one
After finishing up the Nob I picked up the Prospektor Ork I had started around the same time (also from Gorka Morka I believe) and laid down the base coat for the skin.  I'm hoping to push him on a bit this week.

WIP Prospektor Ork
And finally for tonight, a look back down memory lane.  These are the very first miniatures I painted up when I was about 12 or 13 - they came in the old Citadel Paint Set circa 1997.  I hand painted a Skull White base coat and then applied some very uneven layers of blue, red and yellow.  The notional Sergeant got a yellow skull to distinguish him from the scrubs.  

Looking back in time - circa 1997
These guys are currently in a bath of Simple Green.  Garfy's post over on Tale of Painters (here) plucked at my old nostalgia heart strings and made me dig these out of the back of a drawer.  My interest in Space Marines was rekindled following last posts launch of the new Codex and thought I might have a go sprucing these guys up a bit.  I did keep a set of plastic Terminators from the same era in their original paint scheme so all my original efforts are not lost.

And that's it for tonight.

Happy hobby all.



  1. Very nice- all oozing Orky war goodness.

    That Tail of Painters post really does put those old seemingly crappy models in a new retro cool light. I'm sure you will do an amazing job on them.

    Simple Green? I had to Google it. I just use engine degreaser. What is this Simple Green like?

    1. Cheers Col. Simple Green is a yank invention I believe. A lot of bloggers use it. I got mine from Bunnings. I have the already diluted spray bottle kind plus a concentrated version although that comes with an orange scent as they haven't stocked the plain version concentrate for a while. I used to use brake fluid until I came across this. works really well. I use it to help get rid of FW release agent as well.

  2. Very nice work - I do like those Orks. The ones you do always seem a bit darker than the radiant green most 'Eavy Metal figs end up looking like.

    1. Two Colonels in one comment thread!

      Cheers good sir. I do prefer the darker skin tone. I was considering going for a more muted brown green tone with the Prospektor but the base mix I started with hasn't picked up the brown tinge I was hoping it would.