Saturday, 26 October 2013

014. Something a bit different - Mordheim - Reiklanders...

The gaming group I semi regularly get out to has been talking about Specialist Games for a while and after attending a Blood Bowl tournament the talk turned to setting up a league.  I looked at it but pulled back as I didn't have the spare time to commit to a full season, it was a brand new game to me different in may ways to the other games I have experience in and the model range wasn't flash.  

The group said I could convert a team easily enough but I am not hot on converting as I lack the design imagination to see the finished product.  I did have a fancy at the Willy Miniatures Chaos team which had been done through a Kickstarter a while back but the retail price + shipping was way out of my comfort zone for an unknown game.

Knowing the group likes to flit between games it wasn't long before their attention turned to another game that I was more comfortable buying into.  Mordheim.
The Captain.
I'd been in the hobby a little while when Mordheim dropped in but had not shown much interest as my focus at the time was 100% on the grim dark side of the GW stuff.  Fast forward a few years and its been dropped and moved to Specialist Games and I've picked up a number of Fantasy armies following the move to full time work and the allure of disposable income.
His 2 Champions
What this meant when the guys perked up about running a casual drop in, Mordheim campaign was that a) I had a stable of miniatures I could draw on, b) buy in cost was nil other than time as the rules are free to download and I had minis on hand which required no conversion/other buys, and c) although I hadn't played Mordheim before, it wasn't completely foreign seeing as I had played a few editions of Fantasy as well as Necromunda which was a similar play system.
And his Young Bloods
I dug through my boxed up Empire army and pulled out enough miniatures to build a respectable Reiklander warband - having settled on them as they popped up first in the warband list, were Empire based so fit my miniature needs, and looked the all rounders which for a Noob makes good sense.
Marksmen with Crossbows
Marksmen with Long Bows
I've been working at them for the last week for half an hour a night once the bubs has been put to bed - that means progress is slow as shown in the pictures (which are from the phone as the camera has once again got a flat batteries when I wanted to use it), but it is painting progress which means my hobby is still active, and there is a chance I will eventually have a fully painted warband ready to walk into the dark ruins that is the City of the Damned, Mordheim. So far it's bases done (except for rim tidy up and flock) and flesh tones laid down, washed, highlighted and re-washed (I don't know when to stop) so now I need another final spot highlight to call that part done.
Warriors with Sword and Shield
Warriors with Halberds
This week will be all about clothing - my Reiklanders are going to hail from Altdorf which means blue and red is the order of the day, but I am thinking of doing all blue garments and red for the armour rather than the split blue/red garments - other wise I was struggling for armour colour as I didn't fancy doing all steel.  The alternative was to go for black lacquer armour and ding it up a bit with scratches showing the bare metal beneath.

That's it.  The Prospektor has been put aside which is a shame but he will get done eventually (by years end I hope) - he is too cool a model not to finish.

Cheers for stopping by.  Happy hobby all.



  1. Very nice! Loving the skin tones you're doing, they look great! Only played Mordheim a handful of times but definitely enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing more of the Reiklanders!

    1. Cheers Mordian. I'm hoping to get the garments done this week so hopefully we'll be seeing more of them soon.

  2. These are looking bloody superb! Very nice tones on the skin there - as Mordian already said. Mordheim was a game that I never got into at the time but have recently invested in bits for a Stirland warband...

  3. Thanks Kieran. I'm quite chuffed with the way the skin came together. As I think I mentioned elsewhere, I never got to play Mordheim as at the time I was solely focussed on 40K side of the GW-verse, but in my older age I am getting more into smaller skirmish type/low point games that you can build a thematic group of miniatures for - I've dabbled with Infinity, and Necro in the past, and set out to build an Inquisimunda band. With the gaming group I sit on the finges off being old school Mordheim vets and wanting to get into that, it was easy enough to convince myself to join in.