Tuesday, 26 November 2013

017. Nostalgic look back at the olden days...

Digging through a pile of White Dwarf I had sat next to my bed I found an oldie-but-a-goodie, White Dwarf 209 (May 1997 Australia).
Even though it was the High Elf release, there was plenty of other coverage within
What stood out ion this issue (other than the really bad clothes and hairstyles of the era) was the amount of non-core game material.

I don't just mean the presence of Necromunda and Epic, but the White Dwarf issued rules and campaign ideas (precursor to Chapter Approved), extensive background coverage, terrain making ideas, and my favourite from this edition, random articles on all aspects of the hobby - in this case, a look behind the scenes at the mail order function from when they still had a back catalogue and bits service.
I can't believe there was a time they would custom cast you a bit to order
Now reading this article shows me why they had to stop it in an economic sense, the labour costs alone would have been too high to cover any sales income arising from individual bits purchases, particularly when weighed against the rising cost of metal, and the storage space requirements to hold the inventory.
Do it yourself Chapter Masters - 96 points a pop and look at that stat line
What the article does provide for me at least is a look back at GW as a hobby business, rather than the Shareholder beholden corporate it has morphed into.
Combat squads making their first appearance - bit on the pricey side mind.
Bit of a lame post this week, but I haven't progressed anything painting wise beyond laying down some primer on some minis I wanted off my desk.  With luck, it will be back to painting updates next time around.
Some classic JB - You can see the inspiration for Ezekial in here
Cheers all,


PS - for all you Doctor Who fans out there - blimey what a cracker that was - Capaldi came across all hard and sinister, and that was just looking at his eyes.  I'm man enough to admit I welled up once or twice watching that.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

016. Avatars of War shinies...

A lovely package turned up in the mail the other day (oh how I love the receipt of a "what's this package that just turned up!?" message from the missus) and it had in it a couple of Avatars of War heroes.  
Front of package
Rear of package

I wanted to add some mercenaries to the warband during the future campaign and looking through the book decided on an Ogre and a Dwarf Slayer.  Having settled the sort I wanted I then started my trawl through eBay to see what I could turn up.

Eventually I found the Avatars of War range which appear to be designed to fit with GW systems, and look the business without being something you see on every table top.
Slayer bits

With Rodrick for scale
They come in some really big plastic blister packs that seem slightly over large for the minis they contain - there's a potential cost saving for you Avatars of War - scale back on your packaging.

They are both multi part white metal, and both had minor mold lines but a fair bit of metal flash - easy enough to clean up.  Assembly was straight forward although on reflection I think I got the Slayers Mohawk on backwards.
Ogre bits
Another scale shot
I used James Wappels greenstuff and glue technique but need to work on that as I got good results only 2/3rds of the time.  I went back over some of the joins with some liquid greenstuff just to tidy them up a bit.

They seem to fit in well - the Ogre is huge though I don't have any GW ones to compare him too.  The photos were taken the other day - you can be assured the Heroes have had some more paint applied since then.
Group shot for scale
Back to it then, cheers all.


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

015. More WIP Mordheim Heroes...

A quick update on where I am at - unfortunately not as big a leap forward as I'd hoped.  

I picked out the heroes based on feedback from my group that in game terms I'd be best off starting to use them first to generate as much loot as early as possible rather than pad out the Warband with more scrubs but have fewer opportunities to pick up loot.
El Capitain - Rodrick Rubenstein
I went back in and tidied up the skin tones, placed the odd eyeball and dotted the occasional iris (I got a new Rafael brush from Secret Weapon many months ago and tried it out for the first time with these - it is definitely a superior performer compared to my old GW brushes - applying the eyes was so much easier), and coloured the hair.
His Champions - Uncle Boris and brother Jory
I had intended to mix up the hair colour but ended up with 4 of the 5 having the same gingery hair - so I've woven this into my burgeoning back story to reflect those 4 being relations - the hoary old campaigning father (Captain), his uncle and brother (Champions) and son (young blood).  The other chap I have started calling the Spaniard (that'll have to change to the Estalian or whatever the Old World version of Spain is meant to be) as he is quite gaunt and took on a lighter hue of skin tone and some shifty feline type eyes - I'm imagining him with darker hair, being the silent and deadly type.
The Youngbloods - the Spaniard and young Luthor
I also went in and worked on all the leather work, and then cut back in all the black and tidied the base edge.  I like to do this to set myself up with a clean palette for the next stages (clothing and metallics) so I can start trying to see in my mind what I want to end up as.
Family portrait
This weeks been a wash out with work and home duties taking up a lot of time and leaving me pretty flat - the last two nights I've bombed out on the settee watching movies with the missus after we put bubs down.
The scrubs patiently waiting their turn
Hoping to make a start at the next steps which will be anything that is not garment or armour - so all the little trinkets, weapons and doo dads.  I'm looking to get that done by the end of the weekend.

That's another post down - cheers all,