Tuesday, 26 November 2013

017. Nostalgic look back at the olden days...

Digging through a pile of White Dwarf I had sat next to my bed I found an oldie-but-a-goodie, White Dwarf 209 (May 1997 Australia).
Even though it was the High Elf release, there was plenty of other coverage within
What stood out ion this issue (other than the really bad clothes and hairstyles of the era) was the amount of non-core game material.

I don't just mean the presence of Necromunda and Epic, but the White Dwarf issued rules and campaign ideas (precursor to Chapter Approved), extensive background coverage, terrain making ideas, and my favourite from this edition, random articles on all aspects of the hobby - in this case, a look behind the scenes at the mail order function from when they still had a back catalogue and bits service.
I can't believe there was a time they would custom cast you a bit to order
Now reading this article shows me why they had to stop it in an economic sense, the labour costs alone would have been too high to cover any sales income arising from individual bits purchases, particularly when weighed against the rising cost of metal, and the storage space requirements to hold the inventory.
Do it yourself Chapter Masters - 96 points a pop and look at that stat line
What the article does provide for me at least is a look back at GW as a hobby business, rather than the Shareholder beholden corporate it has morphed into.
Combat squads making their first appearance - bit on the pricey side mind.
Bit of a lame post this week, but I haven't progressed anything painting wise beyond laying down some primer on some minis I wanted off my desk.  With luck, it will be back to painting updates next time around.
Some classic JB - You can see the inspiration for Ezekial in here
Cheers all,


PS - for all you Doctor Who fans out there - blimey what a cracker that was - Capaldi came across all hard and sinister, and that was just looking at his eyes.  I'm man enough to admit I welled up once or twice watching that.


  1. It's good to get 'em out and have a look again, innit ?

    1. I do quite like to have a gander at the old ones - the battle reports were better back then - more story driven and full of little wise cracks and maps with actual unit markings with little explosions when something was killed off - ah, the good ol' days.

  2. I stopped getting WD about three-and-a-half years ago because I got sooo hacked off with it.

    Then my ENTIRE collection of back-issues (since the release of Plastic Cadians) got ruined by the bloody damp in our bloody cottage...

    ...but I love the small stack I have back at my dad's home from the early 90s: so very characterful!

    1. Cheers Drax. Luckily Australia is a tad dry for me to have a similar problem, talthough the missus would be happier without the boxes of old magazines. I too have stopped picking thme up - I went a couple after the new fangled re-launch which started out quite promising but devolved very quickly to much the sameness as they had been for the past 3-5 years.

      I have a gap in my collection from when I stepped away from the hobby around 2002-2004 and Ican see a definite shift in the magazine occurred through that period, which steadliy worsened from around 2008-2010.

      Its a shame as the old mags from the mid 90-s through to early 2000's have loads of great articles in them which shows hjust how good a hobby magazine it used to, and could still be.

  3. Excellent post! Have been planning to do something similar myself. I started in 96 and I do miss how White Dwarf used to be but also understand there's no way or reason it could be like that again. I suppose blogs have replaced some of that, and our BFG report from last year was supposed to be in that kind of style. I gave most of my WDs to Scipio after a "wimper quit" a few years ago. But of course I couldn't stay away too long...

    1. Cheers Kieran - I totally agree - while I look back in fondness on the era of the Fat Blole and co I know we wont ever go back to it.

      Luckily when I made my first 'wimper quit' I kept everything in storage and was able to dig it all out again when I got back on the wagon.

      Heres wishing you and yours a safe and prosperous 2014 mate - all the best.