Friday, 6 December 2013

018. Issues with Blogger...

Hi all, anyone else having issues with Blogger recently - namely the blog roll feature.  All this week mine has been intermittently dropping off or collapsing and when I click it, it is saying that with the demise of Google Reader the product is not supported and will be removed.

I've been googling how to export my roll elsewhere but it doesn't seem to be possible.  I have well over 200 blogs I follow along with and it will be a real shame if I can't get the updates for them anymore.

Anyone else experiencing this and have a work around that does not involve copying each blogs URL into a new third party product that wont then deploy through Blogger?




  1. Afraid I can't help on the tech side of things - only add a bit of info in that recently certain blogs have not been appearing on my blog roll when there is a new post, which is very annoying. I'll ask Headologist, he's a computer whizz-kid...

    1. Ta Colonel. I've had all sorts of problems with blog posts not showing up in the feed, or not being there when I click on them, or not letting me click through them at all - I hope its not a sign of Google pulling back from its non profit generating tools and apps.

  2. Yeah, I'm having issues intermittently too. But just now it was fine. I'm hoping that somewhere the dark majik that is the internet will realign some moons and mysteriously sort itself out.