Saturday, 4 January 2014

019. Resolutions...

So its that time of year when our blog feeds are full of resolutions and reviews of the year just gone.

Looking back on my last 8 months my blogging has been irregular but I have had a few real life events that impacted that - namely the arrival of my gorgeous daughter and changes at work.

2014 doesn't have any planned large real life events so I hope to maintain a more regular schedule of hobby coverage and activity.

To give myself a resolution or two in the interests of providing some focus to my hobby time, I have decided on a couple of things.

First, paint whats currently on my desk.
Whats on my desk care of a phone camera
It adds up to:
- the Mordheim warband I started and then stopped in late October/early November.  This includes a random Elf figure which I believe belongs to the Mordheim setting but for some reason I have put him on a 25mm round base.
- a Contemptor Dreadnought that has been loafing on the desk for months or longer (eek - could he have been there for over a year - highly likely).
- the Prospektor Ork.
- a lone FW Veteran Guardsman I built the other night when I was pottering around my bits drawer.
- 8 (not sure what happened to the other 2) Tactical Marines which I will use as my training unit to start off my Ultramarines.

Why paint these and not something else that is more likely to fit the need for resolution 2 below.  Mainly they are out already and have been on my desk for ages.  I'm sick of pulling new things out and putting unfinished stuff back into the cabinets - I'd much rather develop the habit of putting finished stuff away.

The second resolution is to get out and formally start playing again.  Last year I had one game of 40K (the only game of 6th ed I've played) and a couple of games of Infinity.  This year I want to find some regular opponents and have regular (at least once a month) games.  The helpful Col. Ackland has pointed me in the direction of a local gaming group which I have joined electronically pending a first visit to the club rooms.  It looks to be made of lads and other sundry ne'er do wells from the old GW store I would frequent before it closed.  Not only do they play 40K (and I presume fantasy) but also Infinity and other games - so there should be opportunity for me to use more of my collection than just my GW stuff.

Hopefully, joining a group and having a regular schedule of games will give me more drive to paint and get the stuff above done quick smart so I can start in on my armies proper.  In my prior gamer life, having regular games and wanting to only field painted miniatures was a great drive to get stuff done.  Now I didn't have a kidlett then but hopefully I can work around that little bug-bear.

I guess the final resolution I want to impose on myself is one of thrift - no more frivolous spending.  In the past I've been fortunate to be part of a dual income relationship where money to spend on miniatures never seemed o be lacking - with the missus out of work this is no longer the case.  As such, no more discretionary spending.  I actually will still have stuff turning up care of a few unfulfilled Kickstarters but otherwise I don't want to see new stuff coming into my home unless its paint and glue.

So that's that folks, I hope the Christmas and new years breaks have been good to you all.




  1. Hummm. It's that ad hoc spending that sent my hobby spiralling out of control these last few years. I will join you in the 'no more (unnecessary) spending. I might even force myself to blog it.

    1. Cheers Zzzzzz - I think there are more than a few of us who could get in on that one.

  2. First off, I like your group of miniatures on the desk there. A fair bit of verity to keep the hobby mojo going.
    “I'd much rather develop the habit of putting finished stuff away.” OMG wouldn't we all!

    Glad I could point you towards the club. I'm looking forward to getting there frequently so I’ll see you around I'm sure. I'm totally with you in hoping that this spurs on my painting!
    Finally, on your resolution concerning frivolous spending – I think I will join you on that one too.
    Good luck with your hobbying mate!

    1. Cheers Col. Look forward to catching up at some point for a game against the might of Praetoria! I just need to figure out the schedule the club operates on and then start penciling some baby free time with the missus.

  3. Ach!

    Speaking also as one with a single income and two kids, I've found that thrift has really focused me to finishing things off - or at least not to purchase new things. Now, if it weren't for the kids I'd also get it all don far more swiftly too!

    Good ideas - I like it.

  4. A very impressive-looking desk there! I espied a classic Cadian officer down on the right hand side, one of my favourites. Always look forward to seeing what you produce; should be a good year.

    1. Yes you certainly did Colonel - I had the two metal Cadian Officers but one sacrificed a limb for a transpalnt to another mini and now resides in the bottom drawer while this one languished on top of the shelves of shame until I spotted him the other day - for some reason I had started him and one of the metal plasma or melta gunner chaps (I'll have to have a root around and see if I can turn him up) and then put them down - I think I intended to add them to a Necro gang I was running using Cadians as PDF until the campaign was closed down and they fell off the painting queue.