Saturday, 25 January 2014

025. Welcome to some blurred S3 Phone photos, or how I played a game today...

The title says it all really - smart phones make us lazy.  I have a digital camera that always has flat batteries - the solution is not to charge or buy new ones, it is to rely on the phone camera.  As such today's adventures down to the new club Col. Ackland found is documented on my S3 which in the lighting conditions we were in, does not produce the best pictures - but you'll get the gist of the day.

This club meets once a month at a local Returned Serviceman's League (RSL) club rooms which provides a nice big room in which to hold about 14 tables, as well as access to food and a bar.  Today was one of the scheduled sessions and I duly arrived with my 1,350pts worth of Ultramarines and a box of terrain to fill a table with.
The club in action - games underway and hobby talk a go-go
We were scheduled to play a couple of games of Crucible of War as both the attacker and defender.  Unfortunately I only managed one game due to time constraints and needing to get home for my shift with the little one but I still had a good day and finally got to meet Col. Ackland in the flesh (again) and have a chat with some new gamers.

In my game I played as the defender against Andy (who I knew from his previous life as a member of the GW Marion hobby team) and his White Scars.  I let Andy know I hadn't played much in the last two years so he gave me a nice smooth entry back into gaming.  Having said that, he still tabled me by turn 3, but I had a blast rolling dice and talking hobby with him so the result doesn't matter.

Deployment and Andy's stuff arriving - Yes the board is pink - no I don't know why
Reserves - and turn 1 deployment corps aka the Sternguard and Drop Pod
Andy coached me through the phases, and also gave me tips and suggestions as we played - I now have new respect for the humble Krack Grenade!  He also took hold of the friendly spirit of the game I had told him I wanted versus an uber competitive match and let me re roll things I'd forgotten (even when out of sequence) as well as bring things back from the dead when we realised I'd missed a whole slew of rules regarding Chapter Tactic operation and Warlord Traits.  It really was a great learning game, but also one with narrative and that 'cinematic buzz' Jervis is always banging on about.
End of Turn 1 - was not a good turn for my armour pool or my Scouts
End of Turn 2 - not good for most of the rest - my poor Sternguard copped a faceful of bolt shells and exploding weapons
One whole Tactical Squad refused to come on from reserve, but I'll be honest and say the game was done in turn 2 - rampaging White Scar bikers are hard as nails but fully live up to what you expect them to be like - riding down their enemies, Boltguns chugging out an endless stream of shells, and pouncing in and out of combats - great stuff.

All the tables had adequate terrain coverage, with stuff ranging from home made, old Necromunda and early 3rd/late2nd ed card and plastic jobs, newer cities of death and other GW terrain, as well as donated material from the old GW Marion from when it closed down.
An Ork v Guard game in progress over terrain I brought for the day - I'll paint it one day
Nids v Tau over some Necro and donated ex-store gear
Col. Ackland in action against another Guard force
Another shot of Col. Acklands board showing his old 2nd/3rd ed buildings and part of his home made Imperial Fort - it's brilliantly crazy
I had a good day and only wish I could have stayed around longer to get in another game.  I think the lad who runs the club is considering time limits on games as the first rounds went on the near 3 hours in some cases which was a bit excessive for a 1,350 pt game and pushed back the start of the second round seeing a number of players in the same situation as myself where they had other afternoon commitments that meant they had to go early.  It was all good though as I got to walk around and watch a couple of other games (even offering rules advice/adjudication a couple of times which was a laugh given my relative novice status) as well as having the opportunity to soak up some of the hobby interplay.

The next meet up is not for another month, but Col. Ackland and one of the other lads I've played at my place before have expressed an interest in catching up outside of the club for games.  It turns out the good Col. and I live barely 5 minutes from each other so hopefully we can work something out around our family/work/study commitments.

Cheers all,



  1. Excellent. I especially enjoyed "maybe I'll get 'round to painting it one day". I can identify solidly with that.

  2. What a cracking day. Sounds like you have a nice sporting bunch of opponents there, making for a really enjoyable game. Good show!

    1. It was definately good to get out with real people again - you can only converse so much with inanimate bits of plastic, metal and resin

  3. Ah...


    THIS is what makes the hobby and our particular corner of the blgosphere so smashing!

    Now...if only someone would move to the middle of darkest South Devon near me...

    1. You are a tad far out in the sticks as it were Drax old chap - I thought there was a localish club happening your way though or did that all fold under?

    2. It's all still good there, mate, I'm very pleased to note...but it's a good half-hour's drive away along winding, single-track lanes in the dark... a combination of too much work (always) and me being way too lazy (habitually) somewhat stacks the odds against me!