Sunday, 9 February 2014

026. Paint table saturday (err Sunday)...

There is a new thing popping up in my blog roll over the last few months and that is scheduled posts on a Saturday showing what you are working on - some basically acts a s a WIP process shot.  I first noticed it at Karitas' blog (see here for his latest) but its all actually the brain child of a lovely lady by the name of Sofie (see here for her latest round).

I've been wanting to get on it for a while now to help keep me posting rather than going weeks between visits but recent computer problems, or plain being too busy have stopped me.  This weekend I thought bugger it, make some time and get it done - so here I am (even if it is a day late).
What a mess
Lets start with an establishing shot.  I was talking with one of my colleagues at work the other day about how I manage to squeeze more and more mess into my allotted desk space at work and end up with a viable work space the size of a mouse pad - seems the same thing has happened to my paint desk - its a cluttered mess!  First job this week is cleaning up a bit.  I really want to get a shelf in either above it or just to the left to store projects I am 'working on' but not really working on if you know what I mean.
WIP Ultramarine Tacticals
Onwards then, its my plucky Ultramarines numbers 2, 3 and 4.  I've been putting off painting the armour this week in favour of playing with reds and golds, two of my favourite colours to paint, and the two I have the most trouble getting consistency on with highlights and shades. These are progressing slowly and should be near done by next weekend with luck.  I am struggling to match the original test mini on armour shade and highlights - even though I am using the exact same paints and highlights that I mixed into their own pots - the test mini is a shad all too himself and my attempts to match it on scrub number 2 have failed so far which is disheartening to say the least.
The unnamed scrub - bound for a painful and probably messy death
Finally, having drooled long enough over the works of the Spiky Rat Pack and Mr Vader I thought I'd have a crack at building some random minis using my bits collection and the theme of Inquisimunda.  So far I have built an unnamed member of a future Inquisitors retinue using a mix of FW Guard Veteran, Imperial Guard and Empire Knight parts, a Terminator, a Meltagun, plus some Dragon Forge bendy wire.   Really chuffed with that little 'conversion' and have another three bods ready to go along similar lines.

So that's it for this week - I want to keep going on the UM while the painting mojo is flowing.

Cheers all,