Sunday, 9 February 2014

026. Paint table saturday (err Sunday)...

There is a new thing popping up in my blog roll over the last few months and that is scheduled posts on a Saturday showing what you are working on - some basically acts a s a WIP process shot.  I first noticed it at Karitas' blog (see here for his latest) but its all actually the brain child of a lovely lady by the name of Sofie (see here for her latest round).

I've been wanting to get on it for a while now to help keep me posting rather than going weeks between visits but recent computer problems, or plain being too busy have stopped me.  This weekend I thought bugger it, make some time and get it done - so here I am (even if it is a day late).
What a mess
Lets start with an establishing shot.  I was talking with one of my colleagues at work the other day about how I manage to squeeze more and more mess into my allotted desk space at work and end up with a viable work space the size of a mouse pad - seems the same thing has happened to my paint desk - its a cluttered mess!  First job this week is cleaning up a bit.  I really want to get a shelf in either above it or just to the left to store projects I am 'working on' but not really working on if you know what I mean.
WIP Ultramarine Tacticals
Onwards then, its my plucky Ultramarines numbers 2, 3 and 4.  I've been putting off painting the armour this week in favour of playing with reds and golds, two of my favourite colours to paint, and the two I have the most trouble getting consistency on with highlights and shades. These are progressing slowly and should be near done by next weekend with luck.  I am struggling to match the original test mini on armour shade and highlights - even though I am using the exact same paints and highlights that I mixed into their own pots - the test mini is a shad all too himself and my attempts to match it on scrub number 2 have failed so far which is disheartening to say the least.
The unnamed scrub - bound for a painful and probably messy death
Finally, having drooled long enough over the works of the Spiky Rat Pack and Mr Vader I thought I'd have a crack at building some random minis using my bits collection and the theme of Inquisimunda.  So far I have built an unnamed member of a future Inquisitors retinue using a mix of FW Guard Veteran, Imperial Guard and Empire Knight parts, a Terminator, a Meltagun, plus some Dragon Forge bendy wire.   Really chuffed with that little 'conversion' and have another three bods ready to go along similar lines.

So that's it for this week - I want to keep going on the UM while the painting mojo is flowing.

Cheers all,



  1. Nice looking henchman..

    I fully intend to return to an =][= retinue once my wolves have progressed more.. like a reward :)

    I hear you on the table space too, - the worst part is.. I have one of those shelves, and its got so much stuff on it, i need a new shalf for the things from the shalf that arent quite in my firing line... argh....

    1. That would be my worry too - ending up with more stuff from the shelves of doom transplanted to shelves above the paint station.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the lok of that poor, doomed, unnamed scrub: nice work!

    1. Apologies for the tardy response Drax, my computer has fritzed and now I'm at the whim of She who shall not be named allowing me the use of her laptop.

      Appreciate the comment and you stopping by. I hope to add to the poor scrub with more along the same lines - some of the Empire Knights bits look really good mashed with Guard bits without being too far fetched. Watch this space...

  3. lol... your painting table looks similar to mine - lots of empty racks and lots of paint all over the table!

    I like your IG conversion, where did the neck guard come from?

  4. Cheers for stopping by Keepy - I'm sure that scene would be repeated on may a bloggers painting space!

    That bit is from the Empire Greatswords frame - I think it is intended for the unit champion but I already had a metal one of those so bitz boxed that piece. Works a treat here though I could really do with going back and adding a small blob of Green Stuff to the bottom of it. Where the two Guard torso pectorals come together there is a small gap which is visible after the bit has been placed as it overhangs the bottom of the pectorals. Easy enough to tidy off though.

  5. Firstly, I can’t believe I missed this posts! I'm going to say that I saw the picture and thought it was one of Karitas’ Excomm Trator’s blog that I had already read. Otherwise this one completely slipped my radar.

    Secondly, those Marines are coming along beautifully. As for your growing Inquisimunda… now that is an inspiring build. Where were those bases from? There are so many on the market now but those ones look very schmick.

    Thirdly, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Mark Twain, what do they have in common? They all had very messy workspaces!
    Mess can be a really good and there is a bunch of science to back that up.
    "Order and disorder are prevalent in both nature and culture, which suggests that each environ confers advantages for different outcomes."
    "Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights."

    In short, as the title of one of the papers says:
    "Physical Order Produces Healthy Choices, Generosity, and Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity"

    Take a moment to consider whether your 'unnamed scrub' would have come into being if the desk had been clean?

    The full paper is here:

    Happy modelling :)

  6. Ohh, He's nice.

    Poor bastard.