Sunday, 30 March 2014

033. Plucky chaps and the jammy git...

Col. Ackland, Dale, James and myself got together for a 4,000pts a side, 2 on 2 match up today - what a blast we had!  The Col. (henceforth known as the Beard), and James (the Fodder on account of baring the brunt of casualties on his side of the board) teamed up with a mix of Guard and Salamander flavoured Space Marines against Dale with his Space Wolves and my mixed Guard/Ultramarines.

The title of my post relates to the underlying tone of the day, mine and Dales minis being the plucky chaps, wading forward stoically into the teeth of the Beards guns!

I'll let the pictures do the talking,  but I will say up front for all the pie plates getting dished out from one corner in particular, great fun was had by all, pizza and beer was consumed, and lots (and lots) of dice were rolled.

Onwards to a pictorial battle log.
Ray set up a fantastic board for us to play across
Dale and my deployment - we held some Wolf Terminators and a Tactical Squad in a Drop Pod in reserve
Ray the Beard castled up in his corner behind his Aegis lines with a mix of Cannon and blob squads
James had a mix of Vindicators, Land Speeders, Attack Bikes with a couple of Scout Squads and a Combat Squad as his Troop selection - quite the mobile force to contrast Ray's big guns
My Tactical Squad Drop Pods in and unleashes a Melta blast stripping a Vindicator of its main cannon
James' Scouts and Rays Ratlings start taking fire from my advancing Sentinels
The advance has begun - My Tactical Squad in the Rhino captures our point
Dale, the Beard and James survey the lay of the land as the lads think about where to 'bring the rain' in their turn
James Drop Pods in a couple of Dreadnoughts that start barbecuing Guardsmen on our left flank
My casualties after the first round of shooting - most of a Guardsman squad to James Flamer Dread, a Platoon Command to a Manticore shot from Ray, and some Tactical Marines care of James' Land Speeders
Dales first attempt to bring on his Terminators did not end well - back to the ship lads!
Not a fan of the new Gets Hot Roll for vehicles - first shot with this bad boy sees me lose a hull point
My Punisher following Dales Land Raider up the line
Ray quite proud about his Beard tactics
It took me two turns to realise that James had hidden a Combat Squad amongst Ray's blobs
Pie plates start making holes in my Guard
The Company Command and Lasmen from two squads go down to a Manticore blast
One of many Manticore, Earthshaker and later on Heavy Mortar pie plates to get lobbed our way.
Two Chimera and 3 Land Speeders are enough to make my Drop Pod and Tactical Squad disappear from the lower right hand corner of this image
See - my Drop Pod and Tactical Squad join the casualties - the Executioner had fallen victim to a pie plate of doom
Playing off the short edges wasn't our smartest move - it made slogging up the length of the board a pain - particularly with pie plates landing every which way
Dale finally got the Terminators on the board care of another scatter - these lads didn't fair well come Rays shooting turn
A couple of Sky Claws also dropped in to the party
Thunder Wolves and Terminators start joining the piles of the dead
Not a great set of dice rolls by Dale - those 1's saw off the Terminators to Rays 60+ las shots
Marley was worn out by the constant dice rolling
What squadron of Land Speeders are you talking about chief?
Oh that one - what a shame they ran into my Gatt!!!
James being a jammy git with his saves for his Scouts
These Scouts held on for a bit against the Sky Claws
My grunts following the heavy stuff forwards
Ray finally leads his boys out of the corral and heads towards his objective
The heavy guns out of rockets - but the Heavy Mortars filled the gap left
Showing dash and derring-do, the last of the Thunder Wolves attempts to deny the objective - advancing into the guns of the entire enemy side.  SPOILER: it did not end well
Vendetta Lascannons do for the Thunder Wolf
A few foot stragglers attempt to clear our table half - what a slog the day turned out to be - more transports are needed if we play this way again
Adding some cheese to the beard
A final look back over the field of battle
James and Ray took the victory 5-3 having claimed their objective, first blood and my Warlord.  Even with the loss, the beers had been cold, the pizza warm, and the laughs were plenty.  I couldn't have asked for more from a day of gaming.

Next time Ackland, next time....

EDIT:  Here is the link to Col. Acklands blogpost on the battle.  Much more narrative than my effort.

Cheers all,


Saturday, 29 March 2014

032. New eye candy testing my resolution...

Very sexy plastic - I'm not bothered by the colour scheme - not sure what the Internet rage is about

I've been pretty good at avoiding temptation with new purchases this year, sticking to my guns and not breaching my new years resolution but my oh my am I getting tempted by the new Stormtrooper (I'm not using the new names) kit.
So many cool little details
Wow - the new Sternguard kit impressed me and made me reach for my wallet and this is the first kit since then to do the same.  The Knight was nice but not something I wanted desperately.  My recent kitbash run has fired up my interest in this kit greatly - I can see these guys and their spare bits featuring prominently in expending my INQ28/Necro warband I have been slowly building, as well as tarting up my existing Cadians.
Berets are back in fashion
Must stay strong - the missus would have some stern words if I don't!.


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

031. Kickstarter Foldio portable phone camera studio...

Some of the lads asked for some more details on the Foldio so here we go - in picture story mode.  NOTE: All pictures taken with my Galaxy S3 handset in our backroom under a normal fluorescent light.
The bag with the Foldio and the 4 colour backings - batteries not included so the missus hooked me up with 2 Duracell 9Volts.
This is the unit out of its bags with the two led strips attached.  These wires are the battery connectors.
It folds out into 3 sections with each section having two arms that fold in for storage.
As you fold the arms out and make it assume its shape, magnets in the arms lock together
The magnets also hold the batteries once they are connected and keep them out of the way
I've used the grey insert which fits into two cut outs in the middle panel
The finished unit once you have folded it into shape and set the magnets to latch it together
All set up with a test subject.  This is what you get under natural lighting.  The roof obviously casts a shadow inside the booth.

Boom - let there be light!
The unwilling test subject - the grumpy shotgunner.

The grumpy shotgunner posing with my thumb.
The backside of the grumpy shotgunner.
 Again, for a $30 investment I think it was a great little by.  Its by a company called Orange Monkey out of Korea.  The Kickstarter has wound up but I imagine you can still pick it up direct now.

Cheers all,