Saturday, 1 March 2014

027. My WIP INQ28 / Necro / Bits Box Dive...

I introduced you all to a nameless scrub in my last post.  Here he is again to refresh all your memories.  He attracted quite a few comments and I wanted to do some more like him so he didn't feel so lonely in his life as an unnamed scrub.
The original Nameless Scrub
Over the last week I have been going through my various bits tubs and pulling out things that even though I knew I probably wouldn't be able to work into a miniature, at least looked cool and might serve to inspire some creativity.

In the end I settled mainly on bits from the Guard and Empire range, with a few Space Marine Scout Pouches thrown in as fillers.

Last night, not feeling particularly tired, I sat up and glued bits of plastic and resin together, and in one case, some plastic to a metal paper clip and inconveniently to my thumb!
Nameless Scrubs, reporting for action
The first three I built were fairly plain, building off the FW Cadian Veterans set, with a few odds and sods thrown on each one to help move away from a classic Guard look by introducing some individuality and flare a la an Inquisitors own warband or indentured Warriors.

I'm thinking by way of back story for these guys that they are some ex-Kasrkin/Storm Troopers who have been picked up by an Inquisitor moving through the Cadian system and form the core of his gun-runners, leading the other  shooters who make up his entourage.
The grizzled Vet - no non-sense ball breaker

The wounded warrior - more devout than the rest - his faith will see him through

The scrub - fairly generic, but I did add the NOGs to the helmet - he will be the units point man
I got a bit more adventurous after those three and went more for an Inquisitorial Guard look, in keeping with my original Nameless Scrub.  For the next two I plundered some Flagellant, Pistolliers, Knights and Swordsman and Great Swords bits, to add some more spice to the build.
I pinned the Hammer through a pointing arm as if hes challenging a hated foe to mortal combat - I managed to glue myself to all the components needed for this modification twice.  The hammer on the belt symbolises he is the unit champion.
The Senior of the group - quite chuffed with how he came together - the Key will symbolise his mastery over all the guards
Those last two, with the original scrub will form the core guard for the warbands leader, who is none other than FW's Inquisitor Lok.  I knew when I first saw him I had to get him and he and Inquisitor Rex were my very first FW purchases many purchases ago.  Where as I painted Rex up straight away, Lok has sat on my shelf since I got him.  He's the perfect mini to lead this warband.
The warbands leader - background to be established.
To round out the warband I have delved into my collection of assorted minis rather than do more bits box builds.  I don't have a wide enough range of legs and torsos (lots of arms and heads though) to really add character beyond using Guardsman and Scout parts.  I figured though I have enough cool minis sat on my shelves to fill out a full roster.  The following are what I am toying with currently - influenced heavily by the rule of cool and my love of the characters from the Eisenhorn and Ravenor worlds.
Who doesn't love a man and his dog!  The FW Games Day Enforcer and Pup with a head swap on the Enforcer
Mad Larks of Gaunts Ghost fame to add some range to the gunslingers of the group
My favourite Preacher model - every Inquisitor needs one of these to keep their conscience clean - plus who doesn't love Plasma!
This mini just makes me laugh - that was a face I pulled the first time I shot a Desert Eagle pistol.
As well as those guys above, I am also toying with another crew I had bits-mashed together a couple of years ago for a Dark Heresy campaign I was involved in.  These guys were a mash of various Guard and Marine bits - notably the new (at the time) Guard Command frames for both Cadian and Catachan themes.  It would be this group the prior three Kasrkin/Storm Trooper vets would lead into battle - these guys being the dregs of a Guard platoon that fell under the sway of the Inquisitor during a previous action.  A bit of a Dirty Dozen type arrangement.
My old Dark Heresy crew - those highlights could do with a clean up
I even managed a little bit of painting this last week, getting the armour finished on the three Tactical Marines I have had on my desk for a while.  Tomorrow I hope to be able to get a spare half hour away from the kidlett to be able to apply decals and then I can figure out how I am going to seal them.  My test with the Vallejo Acrylic Matte proved not so much matte as satin which I do not want.
I need to wash back some of the starker highlights and apply decals but these chaps are nearly done.
So there you have it, a look at my last few weeks worth of after work hobby do-daddery.  There is nothing better than macro photography to show up all the mold lines I have missed.  I'll be onto them tomorrow to clean them up, and fill in some more of the holes in the resin I have missed.

The kidlett learnt to crawl this week and has also been a bit sick so she has been taking up more of my hobby time, which I havent really minded - they are only little once and I would rather memories of playing with her at this age than of painting miniatures - priorities right!

That's another post down.  The good Col. Ackland and I are trying to tee up a game at the end of the month which I have provisional approval for pending the setting of another family commitment.

Cheers all,



  1. What a cracking squad - the use of Empire bits is very imaginative, I've never even thought about that. My favourite has to be the chap with the plumed helmet. And very happy to see a Cawdor chap in there too! A real treat, thanks for sharing. Are these just going to join an army or is there a specific Kill Team / Patrol Clash mission set lined up for them?

    1. Cheers Colonel. At the moment these are a 'just because' unit. I've fancied building n INQ28/Necromunda band around an Inquisitor for ages (since Abnett the Great introduced us to Eisenhorn).

      I have no specific gaming in mind for them. I have collected a range of different Necro and other release minis over the use purely on the basis of 'rule of cool' and every now and then i pull a few together into loose groups to see how they look together. If I find a group/players who fancy mixing it up with Necro then I should be set.

  2. That's some handy kitbashing. Some of those models are really top notch. The Eisenhorn books are the best in the whole Black Library.

    1. I cant disagree with you there Bacon. Eisenhorn and to a lesser extent Ravenor are top range books from the guys at BL. The earlier Horus Heresy stuff is also up there - some of the later ones are a bit hit and miss, and the new Bequin series didn't impress of the bat.

  3. Awesome looking models all around! I love how you decided to give several of the squad members combat shotguns (you don't see them around too much, but they are for Inquisitors and such!). I like how you have the models all kitted out with equipment; it actually looks like they are ready for combat!

    I also love that old preacher model designed by Brian Nelson. He is just oozing with character!

    Ultramarines are looking really nice too, the grey casings on their bolters fit perfectly. The only thing I am not too keen on are the scopes on the bolters (they would make more sense if the bolters actually had stocks). They are massive and how GW designed them they are sitting really high on the bolters.

  4. Cheers Adam. I had wanted to try and make them a tad more originl, but its actually harder than I imagined to find appropriate random bits to bring together without extensive cutting and greenstuffing, and without them looking out of place.

    I love the look of a shotgun, though my Scouts have never had much luck using them in the past.

    Brian Nelson has put out some brilliant minis over the years. I think Jes beats him in the overall stakes, but he is right up there generally.

    As a lad I was fascinated with loading all my Marines with scopes - they look ridiculous on pistols!!!!

  5. Absolutely brilliant...and brilliantly 40K too! Well done for some excellent kitbashing!

    1. Thanks Drax - now all I have to do is to get some paint on at least one of them - thats my job in the next fortnight I think.