Monday, 24 March 2014

030. Kickstarter Foldio and Tactical Marines...

Tactical Marines front and centre
My Foldio Photo Booth Kick Starter reward came in tonight so I took the opportunity to hook it up and play around with my phone camera.  Its a small photo booth that comes with an LED strip (or 2 if like me you went for the expanded option) which is designed to help take better pictures with a phone camera.

After trying the different colour backings I have settled on the grey back liner with both LEDs at the front.

It improves the quality of the photo no end over my old setup on my desk with my 2 painting lamps.  It was $30 well spent in my books.

I used my 4 Tactical Marines I finished last week as my test subject.  I managed to dig out a bottle of Testors I had in the bottom drawer to seal them after the fiasco that was the Vallejo Matte Acrylic through my airbrush - it ended extremely satin.

Now I just need to get the next 6 done to finish the squad.  With me and the family having a few weeks of illness, painting progress has not been great.  But onwards and upwards and all that jazz.  

Cheers all,



  1. It's still 4 more than my progress of late! Nice buy. I hope you are all well now?

  2. Yeah, the kids on her third ear infection. She's heading towards needing grommets which I don't quite understand the function of. Me and the missus are over the worst of our lurgy. It took the wind out of my painting sails for a week and a bit though.

  3. Nice. Glad you're better!

    Any chance of a pic of the booth itself?

  4. Very cool! Definitely would love to see the booth as well - the pics using it look great!

  5. Cheers lads. I'll pop up a few pictures tonight when I get home from work.