Tuesday, 25 March 2014

031. Kickstarter Foldio portable phone camera studio...

Some of the lads asked for some more details on the Foldio so here we go - in picture story mode.  NOTE: All pictures taken with my Galaxy S3 handset in our backroom under a normal fluorescent light.
The bag with the Foldio and the 4 colour backings - batteries not included so the missus hooked me up with 2 Duracell 9Volts.
This is the unit out of its bags with the two led strips attached.  These wires are the battery connectors.
It folds out into 3 sections with each section having two arms that fold in for storage.
As you fold the arms out and make it assume its shape, magnets in the arms lock together
The magnets also hold the batteries once they are connected and keep them out of the way
I've used the grey insert which fits into two cut outs in the middle panel
The finished unit once you have folded it into shape and set the magnets to latch it together
All set up with a test subject.  This is what you get under natural lighting.  The roof obviously casts a shadow inside the booth.

Boom - let there be light!
The unwilling test subject - the grumpy shotgunner.

The grumpy shotgunner posing with my thumb.
The backside of the grumpy shotgunner.
 Again, for a $30 investment I think it was a great little by.  Its by a company called Orange Monkey out of Korea.  The Kickstarter has wound up but I imagine you can still pick it up direct now.

Cheers all,



  1. That is really slick - great find, man!

    1. Yeah Im quite chuffed with it.

      It was my last 2013 purchase before the big 'no more spending' resolution imposition by the missus. Although I have pre-warned her I still expect kickstarter packages to dribble in from the James Wappel Painting Tutorial Kickstarter, and the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls Kickstarter.