Saturday, 29 March 2014

032. New eye candy testing my resolution...

Very sexy plastic - I'm not bothered by the colour scheme - not sure what the Internet rage is about

I've been pretty good at avoiding temptation with new purchases this year, sticking to my guns and not breaching my new years resolution but my oh my am I getting tempted by the new Stormtrooper (I'm not using the new names) kit.
So many cool little details
Wow - the new Sternguard kit impressed me and made me reach for my wallet and this is the first kit since then to do the same.  The Knight was nice but not something I wanted desperately.  My recent kitbash run has fired up my interest in this kit greatly - I can see these guys and their spare bits featuring prominently in expending my INQ28/Necro warband I have been slowly building, as well as tarting up my existing Cadians.
Berets are back in fashion
Must stay strong - the missus would have some stern words if I don't!.