Tuesday, 29 April 2014

038. Looking through mirrors - Mordheim Freelnace Knight...

This morning while trawling through my blog roll I read a post by Kieran over at Do You Have a Flag?

He'd posted his version of the Mordheim Freelance Knight [Here] - a very cool model for which Kieran has laid down an equally cool paint job.

I mentioned in the comments that I had tackled the same mini a few years back and thought I'd take a minute to show off my version.  I had gone with a chipped black lacquer job on the armour (black with a satin varnish over the top), and stripey red and white pants which you can just make out in one of the photos.
The haughty looking mercenary
His fishy shield
I always loved the little pot helm on his hip
In other business I have been making little progress with the Orks.  I got distracted over my days off playing with the kid and generally lazing about, and now I'm back at work I'm confined to the hour or so between putting the kid down, spending some time with the missus catching up on the days goings on and heading off for a kip myself - I'm not a fan of late nights on work nights as some of my fellow bloggers appear to be - Drax I'm looking at you!
Reds finished off and green started - the kids been smudging my camera lens by the looks of these shots
I had gotten the base coat of the green down and the first layer over that before I realised my old green wash ran out.  As an aside, while I think GW's approach of selling dinky little pots at $6 a pop is a bit on the ridiculous side, their new wash range (and their old one for that matter) is superb - much better than the Vallejo series that I also have sat on my desk which is all sorts of wrong.  I picked up the new green today after realising I'd finished off the old version on the Grots I had painted a while back.  I picked up the new blue wash a few months ago and that one had trumped the older one on colour and depth of shade alone - the new green I picked up today looks equally promising.  I say 'new' but the range has been out for well over a year now.

So that's my quick midweek update - need to get back on the brushes if I want these lads finished by the weekend.

Cheers all,


Monday, 21 April 2014

037. Inquisition, Ordos......WAAAAGH!!! ...

Small update over the Easter break.  I've scored 10 days off work over the Easter and ANZAC day public holidays period and rather than locking myself away and slaving on minis I have been spending time with the 10 month old whirlwind of destruction that is my daughter and generally bombing around with the friends and family.

Having said that, the other night I was looking in my cabinets and spied these chaps - my Deathwatch Kill Team I had built when I was going to dabble in the Deathwatch RPG.  I built a Marine from 5 of the First Founding Legions/Chapters - the Ultramarines, the Blood Angels, the Space Wolves, the Dark Angels and the Imperial Fists.
Deathwatch Kill Team
Looking at the date on the bases this was around 2011.  For the age of them, I'm quite chuffed with the painting, though the highlights needed some work.  I pulled them off the shelf and updated the red casings on the weapons and shoulder trim, and redid the Ultramarines pad in my current recipe.  I also pulled him of his base and re-based him on a spare Tech Deck themed base with the intention of having him join the Inquisitors Warband.

As well as re-basing him, I also reapplied the black armour using a mix of blue and black, and then re-highlighted him.  Quite pleased with the touch up job.
Deathwatch Marine Alexo, of the Ultramarine Chapter
What has this chap got to do with the post title though.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.
Instead, the title refers to the other miniatures I also spied and pulled down.  Some Orks - those who have followed this blog for a while, or who recognise some of my models from an older defunct blog (Rogue Pom - now I'm reliably informed, a porn hosting site - yay the internet) will know that I am something of a hobby butterfly.  In this case though with good reason.

Colonel Ackland, Dale and James will be descending on my gaming shed in a little over a week and we have agreed to try out some Kill Team, and some smaller 500 point a side games.  Now on the Kill Team front I was struggling to design a force within the 200 point allowed limits for my Space Marines whilst maintaining a healthy body count.

While looking at my backlog of minis I spied a shelf with more than the average number of models painted sat upon it - the shelf that contained my small Ork force. Zing went the light bulb.  I knocked up a small list containing a mix of Nobs (3 with various load outs) and 'Ard Boys (8) and went rummaging through my models.  All I needed to was 4 more models and I had enough of the right type painted - I will be able to field a fully painted force (assuming I can get those 4 done in time) - Huzzah!
The four models needing some paint - 2 Nobs and 2 Boys - plus 'Arry the photogenic Ork
'Arrys cousin - Holler - on account of all the hollering he does - badum tish
I have a secret love affair with my Orks.  I tend to go back and work on one or two models whenever I get bored.  What this means is that they are likely to be the force I finish first out of all the various bits and pieces sat on the shelves of shame.  I just love the Ork Nob plastic kit, and if I ever scrape some spare dosh together, I can see me adding some Kans and a Dread to the force, plus some Trucks, and if rumours are true some Buggies, and maybe a Stompa, and one of those Dakka Dakka jets...Yep - I do love the Ork range.

Cheers all and here's hoping you've had a nice Easter break if you got one.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

036. The warband grows plus WIP sniper-fiend...

I pushed on with the mini while the mojo was flowing and got him done tonight.  Quite chuffed with that - 2 minis in one week - loving my hobby life at the moment!
Front shot
Rear shot
Hanging with his chum
Having finished off the Priest, I looked at the other three I had on the desk and layered on some brown tones on the Enforcers pup - not much doing there as he's just a dog after all - and then went to work on Larkin, seeing as I already had some brown tones mixed up.

I'm working fast with these guys while the painting-fu is strong which means I am aiming for gaming to high-end gaming standards rather than bogging myself down trying to over-achieve and achieving nothing.
Here's looking at you kid.  Brown tones with highlights and wash on the camo cloak and rifle swaddling
I'll need to go back in tomorrow and tidy off the highlights - but I'm liking the drab look I've achieved so far.  He's also got my favourite 'gritty' base so far
I've been messaging back and forth with Col. Ackland about how these boys can get onto the table and we seemed to be moving closer to an idea of playing some Necromunda/INQ28/Inquisimunda and tonight I stumbled upon a fan compiled Inquisimunda ruleset that I wouldn't mind digging down into.

Cheers all,


Monday, 7 April 2014

035. WIP INQ28 Preacher...

A quick post tonight to update on my WIP INQ28 warband progress.  I started stuffing around with some gold and bone tones on the Preacher and then went on with some leather and fabric.

This is where he currently stands.
A Preacher to bring the Emperors Truth to the enemies of the Imperium
Tomorrow I will carry on with the fabric, play some more with the gold, and introduce some spot colours, sort out the gun casing and tidy off the chain sword - I'm thinking hazard stripes.

Cheers all,


Saturday, 5 April 2014

034. INQ28 warband painting progress...

This week I have been getting on a bit with some painting of my collection of minis that will at some point become my INQ28 warband.  I've started on miniatures that were bought as is - ie not my kitbashed efforts.
Enforcer reporting for duty

Quite chuffed I got the =I= on there
To start with I picked out the FW Enforcer which was the event only mini a few years ago.  Very nice model - but as with all FW stuff, extremely well detailed which meant for me it became a chore to paint - I adopted in the end a less is more approach.
I like how he came out although this version of his head was not the original version which had much better facial fuzz (it got changed as I muffed up the eyes so had to carefully strip it back a bit and start over) - his stubble ended up quite dark on the second attempt but I couldn't figure out a good way to lighten it and didn't want to strip it a second time.

The next group of rogues
The colour scheme is not what I originally imagined - that's a problem I have quite often - setting a final theme in my mind which I can translate through paint.  I knew I wanted red on it, but this is much brighter than first anticipated.  I then couldn't see in my mind a way to tie this red into any other colour - I was aiming for dark, muted schemes fitting for a band working in the shadow.  Overall he's come up a tad brighter than I wanted, though I dirtied/darkened him up some what with selective washes.

The next chaps on the table are the Enforcers dog, a sniper (the Mad Larkin model from Gaunts Ghosts), a Juve and the cracking Imperial Priest miniature.  James Wappel did a splendid rendition of this recently - brilliant stuff.

And the group shot - heel doggy
I've set down my skin tones last night as well as got the bases sorted - the same green scheme as the Enforcer (and which all the models will sport), dirtied up surprisingly easily using some of the AK Interactive grimes and washes I had sat on my desk.

I'm hoping to get on with weapons/metallics today/tonight and then onto clothing etc later this coming week.

Cheers all,