Saturday, 5 April 2014

034. INQ28 warband painting progress...

This week I have been getting on a bit with some painting of my collection of minis that will at some point become my INQ28 warband.  I've started on miniatures that were bought as is - ie not my kitbashed efforts.
Enforcer reporting for duty

Quite chuffed I got the =I= on there
To start with I picked out the FW Enforcer which was the event only mini a few years ago.  Very nice model - but as with all FW stuff, extremely well detailed which meant for me it became a chore to paint - I adopted in the end a less is more approach.
I like how he came out although this version of his head was not the original version which had much better facial fuzz (it got changed as I muffed up the eyes so had to carefully strip it back a bit and start over) - his stubble ended up quite dark on the second attempt but I couldn't figure out a good way to lighten it and didn't want to strip it a second time.

The next group of rogues
The colour scheme is not what I originally imagined - that's a problem I have quite often - setting a final theme in my mind which I can translate through paint.  I knew I wanted red on it, but this is much brighter than first anticipated.  I then couldn't see in my mind a way to tie this red into any other colour - I was aiming for dark, muted schemes fitting for a band working in the shadow.  Overall he's come up a tad brighter than I wanted, though I dirtied/darkened him up some what with selective washes.

The next chaps on the table are the Enforcers dog, a sniper (the Mad Larkin model from Gaunts Ghosts), a Juve and the cracking Imperial Priest miniature.  James Wappel did a splendid rendition of this recently - brilliant stuff.

And the group shot - heel doggy
I've set down my skin tones last night as well as got the bases sorted - the same green scheme as the Enforcer (and which all the models will sport), dirtied up surprisingly easily using some of the AK Interactive grimes and washes I had sat on my desk.

I'm hoping to get on with weapons/metallics today/tonight and then onto clothing etc later this coming week.

Cheers all,



  1. What a cracking selection of minis - from all walks of the 40K universe, but they work well together. Haven't seen Larkin for a long while. And it goes without saying the Enforcer model is sheer genius.

    1. Cheers Colonel - I went through a phase of buying models based on the rule of cool - now I have an opportunity to try and weave some of them together into something that makes sense and tells a story.

  2. ohh I tell you what, I can't wait until this crew start appearing on the tabletop. Despite the 'semi bright' scheme the Enforcer still has a real dark feel to him. I love his face... he has the sort of gaze that would make any citizen feel uncomfortable under!

    1. Cheers my good Col.

      If I can get the group finished by the end of the month they might form my Kill Team - assuming I can make a valid team out of the Inquisition Codex - will review that tonight.

  3. Lovin' the dog. Nice work, FM.

    1. Hahaha - I've not done anything more than black in very roughly around the areas that will get some metallic treatment so I'm not sure what that says about the rest of my painting approach!

      Thanks Zzzzzz.

  4. I now have a sudden urge to get painting my own FW enforcer and pup....

    Not too bright at all mate, the red offers a little colour to an otherwise lovely grey uniform. The stubble also works fine from where I'm sat.

    If this is not the original head, where's this one from?

  5. Thanks Dai. It is a very cool model. The original head was all sorts of crumbly. I think it was at the time FW was experimenting with Finecast. While waiting for the replacement I dug out the Guard head bits pack and used one of those. It originally was more feral with pieces of bone and piercings cut into the skin. I shaved those bits off.

  6. Wow great job - love this guy. Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blog if I accredit and post links back here?