Tuesday, 29 April 2014

038. Looking through mirrors - Mordheim Freelnace Knight...

This morning while trawling through my blog roll I read a post by Kieran over at Do You Have a Flag?

He'd posted his version of the Mordheim Freelance Knight [Here] - a very cool model for which Kieran has laid down an equally cool paint job.

I mentioned in the comments that I had tackled the same mini a few years back and thought I'd take a minute to show off my version.  I had gone with a chipped black lacquer job on the armour (black with a satin varnish over the top), and stripey red and white pants which you can just make out in one of the photos.
The haughty looking mercenary
His fishy shield
I always loved the little pot helm on his hip
In other business I have been making little progress with the Orks.  I got distracted over my days off playing with the kid and generally lazing about, and now I'm back at work I'm confined to the hour or so between putting the kid down, spending some time with the missus catching up on the days goings on and heading off for a kip myself - I'm not a fan of late nights on work nights as some of my fellow bloggers appear to be - Drax I'm looking at you!
Reds finished off and green started - the kids been smudging my camera lens by the looks of these shots
I had gotten the base coat of the green down and the first layer over that before I realised my old green wash ran out.  As an aside, while I think GW's approach of selling dinky little pots at $6 a pop is a bit on the ridiculous side, their new wash range (and their old one for that matter) is superb - much better than the Vallejo series that I also have sat on my desk which is all sorts of wrong.  I picked up the new green today after realising I'd finished off the old version on the Grots I had painted a while back.  I picked up the new blue wash a few months ago and that one had trumped the older one on colour and depth of shade alone - the new green I picked up today looks equally promising.  I say 'new' but the range has been out for well over a year now.

So that's my quick midweek update - need to get back on the brushes if I want these lads finished by the weekend.

Cheers all,



  1. Great work with that Mordheim Freelance Knight. I always was really fond of the model. The chipped black lacquer armour looks really nice, as does the little fish in blue.

    Your orks are looking really nice too. Their armour looks superb with the vibrant reds and exposed metal!

    It has been years since I have purchased any paint, but $6 a pop? That seems pretty steep... At least I hear people seem to like the 'new' stuff.

    1. Thanks Adam.

      Thats $6 Australian, not sure what that is in American. Back when I first started the paints here were $4.50, so relative to other GW products that minor price rise is almost bearable. I mainly pick up Vallejo stuff now as I like the dropper bottles - its just the Vallejo washes I am not a fan of, and their metallics are also a bit rubbish, but the new GW ones aren't as good as the old ones.

  2. Agree completely regarding GW's pricing of paints and the quality of their washes. Will offer though that you take a look at Secret Weapon Miniatures' own washes range. Really nice coverage and lots more bang for your buck.

    Knight looks pretty cool. Liking the chipping on his armour and also how the fish stands out!

    1. I do have a few Secret Weapon Washes on the rack but the medium it is in and the separation of pigment puts me off - even when well shaken the depth of colour does not give me what I want from a wash as opposed to a glaze.

      Thanks for popping in Dai

  3. Nice model. I'm liking him more and more with every one I see... I think my favourite part has to be the stripey trousers, they're excellently done.

    1. Cheers Colonel, he is an odd miniature and not one I would normally have bought to play or paint with - he is only part of the collection because of a painting group I once belonged to which chose this as the model of the month - I wanted to paint an Eldar Farseer but no-one else was keen.

      The stripey pants were a complete accidental fluke - I was aiming for straight red but realised half way around I had missed whole parts of the first leg so went with stripes when it didn't look so bad.