Sunday, 4 May 2014

039. A day of gaming and how Ray's still a jammy git...

Dale, Ray (Col. Ackland) and I got together for another day of gaming (aiming for a monthly catch up at this stage) and managed to thrash out two thoroughly good fun games for which Ray trumped us all again using his sound tactics derived from beardiness and being a jammy git.  I'll let the following pictures tell the story of our day.  

Our first game was a 200 point Kill Team three way bash playing Mission 3 - Head Hunt; basically a who can kill the Team Leader and the other Specialists first.

I took my small Ork force, Ray had his Scions rolling in their lowered Taurox and Dale had his Blood Angels.

We quartered the table - I got the bottom right zone, Dale the top right and Ray the top left
Deployment from Dales point of view - sneaky Snipers in the tower and Assault Marines behind the wall

The Tower Dale wishes he was in and Ray being a chump and hiding in his ride
I stole the initiative and went slogging over the board - theses Grotz had more pluck than smarts
Captain Beard went and hid his Taurox in a corner - he argued it was sound tactical sense, I thought he was more being a pussy
I started keeping count of the turns with my pile of dead - by turn 2 my Leader and 3 Specialists were out of the game
My Runt Herd manages to slog the four foot plus a ladder climb to get into combat with some Scouts
These pictures are out of order - This was my Leader (on the left), having already taken a wound, walking back across the board to smack down some Assault Marines - it didn't end up as planned
By turn 4 I was bottled and down to the Runt Herd
Some more plucky Grotz - Can you guess how that ended?
Yeah, not great looking at this stage
Dale has also bottled and decides to throw his last active Marine towards Rays Taurox which has slipped into Dales deployment zone
The combat between the Runt Herd and the Scout went for 3 turns - Ray tried joining in and got shivved for his efforts
The Runt Herd stands alone on the platform at the end of the game
But Ray the jammy git claims victory, 11-4-4, having seen off both Dale and my Leaders, most of the Specialists, and breaching the line
Rolling like a pimp - my Runt Herd totally had this
We then took a lunch break (sorry no pictures, just imagine three grown men with beards sat around a booth at Hungry Jacks (or Burger King for you Yanks) talking about toy soldiers and you'll get the image of what happened.

We kicked off the afternoon session sated after our meal, with beer in hand, for a 500 point a side, three way capture the Relic game.
Dale added a Predator and Captain to his army - he deployed along the bottom table edge
I grew out the Orks with another Boyz squad, a Deffkopta and a Warboss to go with the Nobz - I deployed on the left long edge
Ray mixed his force up - dropping the Scions and Taurox; taking instead Veterans, an Exterminator and the new Wyvern (a custom kit bash) - Ray had the right long edge
Ray stole the initiative and started in with his Wyvern - only 3 kills and one wound on a Nob to start the game - not the threat I had expected - but it did pin the Warboss and Nobz
It took Ray two turns to notice these 'stealthy' scouts - white on black must be a hard thing to spot
The lay of the land, my Deffkopta has boosted up the table edge looking to get a shot on that Wyvern next turn - the plucky Grotz are out for some fighting too!
Ray demonstrates how to be a jammy git, walking his Wyvern shots onto the Deffkopta after the first shot scattered with the re-roll out into no mans land
Such a jammy git - this barrage did for my Deffkopta before it even got a chance to do much of anything
Rays moved his Exterminator and a couple of squads down the other flank starting a tank duel with Dale's Predator
From Dales point of view - this duel caused much consternation between the boys over lines of sight and cover saves
Dales Snipers announce themselves with some missiles into the Annihilator - not doing much else - The Assault Squad prepares to enter combat with my Orks
Having eaten one of my Boys squads, Dale has the idea to challenge my Warboss to combat and see off my Nobz - pity for him he failed at rolling dice, and in the challenge left my Warboss with a single wound which was more than enough encouragement for my Boss to cut down his Captain, and my Nobz to 'insta-gibb' his Assault Squad for no wounds caused!
Dales Assault Squad and Captain whimpering on the side table after their schooling by the Orks on how you fight at proper fisty-cuffs
My plucky Grotz ran out of pluck after a sound thrashing by some in form Veterans - last seen running off into the sunset
Rays luck continues to hold after Dale rolls yet more 1's and 2's.
We won't say Dale hid his Predator behind a wall in terror - we'll think of a more manly description for it
Yet another Wyvern blast leaves my Warboss dead and my Nobz fairly well beat up - and pinned yet again.  They were pinned 3 times in this game
My last Boyz Mob (or the 5 lads left in it) throw caution to the wind and run at the Imperial Guns - it wasn't much of a last charge - they were cut down forth-with
Lots of dakka-dakka and pew-pew noises were made by these lads
Pinned once again and all on his lonesome.  Maybe that 'primer black' camo will help him blend into the surroundings so they will forget about him - or not
Dale making more horrendously bad rolls
The game ended on turn 5 with me wiped out, and Dale on his last legs - Ray being the jammy (defensive he might argue) git he is, still had 2 and half Veteran Squads, his Command Squad and both tanks in play, waltzing away with the second victory of the day.

We learned today that the Wyvern is a massively under-costed beast of a unit - any Guard player out there not taking one needs a good hard look at themselves.  

We also learned that, in Dales view, my gaming shed is located near to the Eye of Terror given the abysmal dice rolls he was making all day. 

Personally, I learned that while Orks are good fun to paint and play with, they are more suited to bigger point games where their Mob strength comes into its own - playing them as a kill team is not the best idea given their low initiative and generally rubbish stat line - quantity is everything, when it is properly deployed.

Our next catch up will be at Rays where we are planning another round of Kill Team (I'm thinking Marines for that one) as well as stepping it up to 750 or 1,000 point main games.

Cheers all,

Liam, Ray and Dale


  1. This looks like blindingly good fun. Colour me jealous!

    I'm starting to wonder if there's some sort of way in which I might convert my griffon battery into one of wyverns...or at least one of them!

    1. Cheers Drax. I'll see if I can get Ray to put up a decent snap of his conversion.

  2. Looks like a heck of a fun day's gaming. Great pics, man - thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers Mordian - it was a fun day - this group of lads is good fun to play with - and we enjoyed the change up brought about using smaller point forces - much more unforgiving than your standard 2000 pointer.

  3. What an epic game (despite the smaller points, I love these kind of games). I was really hoping those two Grotz won that close combat against the Blood Angel, but something tells me that probably didn't happen. It also looks like Dale has as much favour with the dice gods as I usually do... I'm just off now to repaint my Scouts white.

    And by the way, I've nominated your for a well-deserved Liebster award

    1. Unsurprisingly the Grotz didn't live up to my extremely high expectations of them. Here I was thinking they were cold killers.

      500 pointers make you play so much differently as every model dropped hurts the over all composition.

      Cheers for the Liebster. That's the second nomination I'm aware of. I must get a post together. The problem is all the blogs I want to nominate already seen to have picked one up.

      Also did you see my last post. My rendition of the Freelance Knight.

    2. Haha, well Grotz can be an unknown quantity, you never know.

      Definitely agree there, they feel like much more tactical games, I'm definitely an advocate of the 500 pt games.

      You're very welcome, yeah that often is the case it seems...

      I did indeed, I thought the scheme was fantastic, really liked the armour - I could have sworn I'd commented... my phone doesn't seem to co-operate with Google at times