Saturday, 14 June 2014

044. Hobby space mess...

Mess and stuff strewn all over the place
I'm a lucky hobbyist who has his own space in the house for my hobby stuff to live in - its the spare bedroom.  Its basically the room decked out like my old bedroom from when I was a kid - everything the missus won't let out into the rest of the house lives in there and it includes my old study desk which is now my painting spot.

The problem I have is I am inherently messy and lazy.  Rather than tidy up properly after each session, I tend to leave things where ever they end up, and work around that the next time I go to do some hobby.

The above photo is where I am at tonight - most of the paints have been randomly left on the desktop rather than in the rack, and have now started creeping down onto my stool top meaning I paint/work off the edge of the bed (much to the misuss' horror when I have a spill/paint drop).  My tools and odds and sods (including a number of terrain projects) are scattered across the table, the floor and the cabinet under the window.

I went in there tonight to do some painting and realised I need a clean up before I can do anything hobby.  And then I need to not let this happen again!!!

While I have cabinet space, drawers and more cabinets on the opposite wall, what I think I really need is more vertical space in front of the desk to store things I am working on, but not currently working on, if you know what I mean.  What this means is shelves.  I'm off to convince the missus this is a good idea, and then to talk my old man into making me some.

Edit: 15 minutes of effort later and we are ready to start painting again.
Much more productive space 
Cheers all,




  1. Hah! My hobby area veers between the two extremes as well - Always feels good to have it tidied up, but it never seems to last. :)

  2. Gah... Don't remind me... Seems all I'm ever doing these days is cleaning up my hobby area...

  3. Cheers guys - the mental change when you walk into a clean space is very much real - I sat down and moved paint around on a model productively last night - very refreshing. Now to conquer the next challenge and keep it clean/tidy.

  4. I just keep imagining what little hands could do.... :/ motivation enough for me to keep things tidy. ;)

  5. I've been spoiled by the baby gates keeping her out but she's figuring those out so I really need to be more aware of little bits that cab go into little mouths.