Monday, 16 June 2014

045. Another short, sharp post - Wappel Magic...

Kid Muppet (minus a sock) admiring the loot - dice danger was noted by the missus and dice removed prior to ingestion by the little lass
Evening internet.  I have another short, sharp and to the point post for tonight.  A package turned up from the land of the Yanks today - a package containing DVD's made by the blog-o-spheres very own James Wappel.

Aside from being a prodigious painter of all things miniature (seriously go check out his blog), James ran a successful Kick Starter last year.  He'd been amazing me for some time with his ability to start with something a 3 year old would have been proud off, and through his 'shaded basecoat' technique, pull a brilliant model out of nowhere.  No matter how many times I see him post WIP and end result shots, I can't get my head around it.  See here for example - how does he go from that first stage to that end figure - MIND BLOWN!!!!

To solve that, he's made some DVD's - I got stumped up for 4 of them, but got a fifth one thrown in as a strecth goal:
-Shaded Basecoat Technique
-Glazing Away
-Hiding in Plain Sight - Painting Camo
-Standard Non-Metal Metallics
-Weathering and Battle Damage

I hope to have a shufty at them over the next couple of weeks and start a few trial pieces to give the techniques a go.

Real posting to resume soon.

Cheers all,



  1. 1) That Man blows my mind.
    2) I love it when the kickstarters start arriving!
    3) DUDE find that sock before she catches her death of cold!
    5) Can ingesting dice rolls that we don't like be listed as a new house rule? The others need some sort of 'defence against the cheese arts'.
    6) I have forgotten what 4 was.
    7) We all eagerly await an invitation to come over, drink tea, watch said DVD's whist wearing our tweed jackets and joke about my inability to hold a brush and Dale's inability to roll dice. ;)

  2. Ha -we had the heater in last night. She was toasty warm.

    I watched the first part of the shaded base coat video. Even watching it I'm not convinced that is not Voodoo magic.

    The dice roll like all dice. Randomly. Lots of ones and twos and four's and fives but hardly any sixes or threes.

    We should definitely have a paint catch up one night, tweed jackets and monocles optional.

  3. I do not understand Wappel. At all.

    It's quite evidently all just lies.

    Also, tea and DVDs sounds fun. I'm jealous.

  4. If I believe the ads on the tele then international travel has never been easier or quicker so jump on your conveyance of choice good sir and join us down under for a brew and hobby session.