Sunday, 22 June 2014

046. A little bit more terrain...

I finally managed to finish of the little barricade I'd started previously.  It mainly involved sorting out the ruin/rubble, re-layering the sandbags, picking out the detail pieces on the reverse side and applying a few washes and some basic highlights, then flocking to match the rest of the pieces I've finished.
Barricade front
Barricade rear
I set up a small fight scene just because - the quality is poor but its too cold for me to consider going outside and setting up a shot on the table in the shed.  I need to get some bigger pieces done now.
For the Emperor - Waaaagh!  - Horrible lighting I know, but worth a giggle nonetheless
To which end, I have this piece as a test piece.  When I built my GW ruins kits I built each kit into two opposing corners which together formed the four wall outline of a square building (very original I know).  This piece is the odd one out as it was made from spare panels and so does not have an opposite corner - as such its perfect for experimenting on.
My first piece of 'large' terrain I plan on tackling
What I am aiming for with this piece is something like this over here and this one here.  Brilliant aren't they - yep, they are - so brilliant in fact I'm going to naff the ideas and processes and see how they look on this building.

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