Friday, 27 June 2014

047. Terrain - WIP Mechanicum ruin (1)...

Over the last two nights I started work on the Mechanicum Ruins I showed at the end of the last post - this one here:
Not much to look at to start with
Not a lot going for it at that stage.  I put down my usual base colours - Scorched Brown, with dry brushed Bestial Brown and then Bone.  I noticed where I had gotten messy and gone onto the metal plating, I was getting quite a nice rust tone look which is what I was hoping for in my later steps.

With James Wappel's 'experiment' tagline running through my head, and this post here by the Beard Bunker to compare to, I got cracking with my colours.

I started off mixing some Tinny Tin and Scorched Brown with a touch of Chaos Black and laying down a base coat over all the tread plate and decking.  I followed this up with a sporadic Scorched, Bestial and Vermin Brown dry brushes, as well as a final light Firey Orange dry brush.  By sporadic I mean I didn't dry brush the whole piece, just odd sections, spots and runs - not all colours were overlaid over each other either - some spots got all four colours, others three or only one.

The final step was an extremely light dry brush of some of my last little bit of Boltgun Metal (I don't know what I am going to do when my older colours start to run out - I'm not 100% sold on some of the 'newer' replacement tones.
Where I stopped for the moment - getting there at last - much improved from the start position.
At that stage I was pretty pleased with my result, but according to the Beard Bunker recipe, a wash was needed to tie it all together, and frankly I wanted something to darken the edges of the dirt areas that had spread onto the tread plate.

I mixed my wash from my acrylics rather than using the left over bits of Devlan Mud I have kicking around.  I used a mix of Chaos Black, Scorched Brown and Catachan Green of all things - it seemed right at the time and I was still 'experimenting' - mixed heavily with some flow aid.  I then liberally applied it everywhere and then watch as it contracted and created unusual stains and adhered to certain details and not others as the flow aid dried up.

The result was unexpected, but one nonetheless that I am happy with.

The smiley face stain in the lower left was unintentional
I left it off there while I consider the colour of the building proper.  I'm thinking standard dirty Mechanicum Red with another wash to darken/dirty it on the exterior, and either the same on the interior, or a blue-grey or grey-brown/drab.

After this piece, I have one more piece of scatter terrain kicking around on my desk (a weapons/ammo cache) and then its back to miniatures proper with my four Ork Lads and some more Tactical Marines I think.

Cheers all,



  1. Dude! That looks awesome!
    Is that a smiley face in the last photo (left corner)? Please say it is.

    1. Cheers Ray, its only the first of the building structures to get paint, but I'm still getting psyched to get a game in on some painted (partial) terrain.

      And yes that does appear to be a smiley face. I think the flow aid evaporated before the acrylic dried so it pulled it and pushed it onto different features and into different patterns. I'm treating them as shop floor oil stains and will use some satin grime/oil effect to pull some out of the background.

      I'm also going to work on a blood spatter mixture and together with an oil splatter try to suggest the death spot of a Mechanicum acolyte or servitor.

    2. Sounds good. I'm loving where this is going!

  2. 'Like' as they say. 's lookin' goood.

    1. Cheers Zzzzzz - I put some base colours on the exterior walls last night - quite chuffed with my recent terrain bits and bobs - its always been one of those too hard for today things - but it is turning out to be much more simple than painting the figures themselves and will hopefully look good when I have a tables worth.

  3. Funny how at the moment the Terrain Bug has bitten us all huh? Love the floor btw, I think this would look great on the board,


  4. Cheers Macca. For me it's something I've neglected for too long and is something quick to turn to during the winter months when my already glacial productivity normally takes a dive.

  5. Gday Muppet! like Macca said, its funny how we are all building terrain at the moment. Did you use plasticard checkerplate / diamond plate for the floor? If so where did you source it from?


    1. Cheers Keepy. I did use a plasticard checker plate. I got it from a local place here in SA called hobby habit.