Tuesday, 8 July 2014

048. Terrain - Mechanicum ruin finished...

The title says it all really.  Last night I sat down and knocked out the interior walls using a base of the old Shadow Grey followed by drybrusing on a Shadow/Codex Grey then Shadow/Codex/Bleached Bone.

I then mixed up my new go to magic wash - a dab of Chaos Black, Scorched Brown and Catachan Green with flow aid to get it to a wash consistency - and then line highlighted around all the protrusions, and splashed it randomly on the flat surfaces, dragging it downwards to stain and suggest water/oil damage.  I used the spare wash to run around some of the raised detail on the front.

The Catachan gives the wash a brilliant ever so slightly olive green hue which seems to go down well on everything I've splashed it on so far.
Some of my warband lads jumped in to model across the piece
An interior shot - the blue/grey hue goes off well against the browns/reds
The Mechanicus symbol
The door copped lots of washes, stains and even some powders
The terrain I have been doing lately has been a lot of fun - and really quick and dirty.  The old drybrush (an old, maggotted tank brush) has had plenty of workout, proving that even basic techniques (base, drybrush, wash) have a place.

I took care to go back over the lower part of the walls with the ground colour to suggest accumulated dust and muck - looks alright in my eyes - though the pictures show I need to give the whole thing another once over with a flat brush to get rid of stray bits of static grass.

The final terrain piece I want to tackle in this run is a small ammo dump/barricade set.  I threw some colours on it while I had some out on my palette - it really shouldn't take long once I block in the main colours and then strategically wash around it.
An ammo dump - nice and simple
Another nice bit of scatter terrain made from spare bits and bobs
Well that's another thing crossed of the 'to paint' list - and another one started to boot.

Cheers all,



  1. Woohoo! There is so much awesome right there!

    1. Cheers Ackland. I look forward to trading fire across it with your lads.