Saturday, 19 July 2014

049. Gaming with Ackland and James...

James and Ray (hamming it up)
As part of our semi regular attempts to catch up and have a lads day, myself, Col. Ackland (Ray) and James had a gaming day at my place, heralding our first game of 40K seventh edition, as well as James' first Kill Team experience.

As per previous recaps, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking (and I apologise upfront on the quality of some of them - they are taken with the S3 under poor lighting conditions as its the middle of Winter here, and even though today was pleasant, I'm unwell which necessitated a closed door session in part which buggers the lighting).

Thoughts on seventh ed - I'm a grumpy old dodderer pining for the simplicity of third edition.  I admitted to the lads that due to external issues I had not had any time or made any effort to look through the new rules, nor had I really done much looking at the new Ork Codex I was using today.  Having said that, the rules seemed less intuitive to me than previous editions.  Even with Ray and James having studied the books, we were still looking up things every few events.  My personal view is they have crammed so much unnecessary stuff into this edition, it is too unwieldy.  The Tactical Objectives were a classic case in point - throughout the second game, Ray bemoaned his lack of clarity as to his objectives, or that his objectives were unachievable given the table/units on the board.  Personally, Id rather drop/ignore a lot of the crap out of the rules ie the objectives, terrain/building rules, much of the detachment/add ons/allies rubbish, and play a leaner/cleaner game.

Whinge aside, both the Kill Team game and the main book game we played were both brilliant fun which is a great testament to the lads - both agreed that we would house rule certain events to aid in flow (which I interrupted a lot) and 'cinematic' game play.  Aside from a roundabout discussion on Force Weapons = Power Weapons = No They Don't = But OK They Do in the Kill Team game, we had nary an argument and generally let commonsense prevail.

In both Games I took Orks and Ray took his Gold Second/Third ed metal Necrons (which photograph horribly but bring back many memories), while James rolled with Grey Knights (in an awesome non-standard colour scheme) in Kill Team and then Iron Hands in the main 750point affair. Both games were played as a three way, free for all match.

Ray cleaned up in the Kill Team after it had looked like James was going to romp away with the win, while I actually won the main game, even though at the end of it my force consisted of 2 Nobs (lone survivors from decimated squads) and 5 other Boyz.  My main force having been bruatlised by James' deep striking Dreadnought, entrenched Snipers, Plasma toting Servitors and Conversion Beam Wielding Techmarine (some excellent looking Hi-Tech Miniatures pieces - particularly the Servitors).

Anyway, on to the photos - hopefully Ray will have some decent snaps from his point of view I will try and add to this post if he doesn't do one up over on his blog.
My Ork Kill Team
James Grey Knights - very cool scheme
Rays golden Necrons - very retro
As expected, the Orks start the casualty train
The mission we played had units outflanking - here are some of my Orks coming on behind Rays main Necron group
My notional leader - a Nob with Power Klaw going all can opener on some Necrons
And the first of many successful 'Gets back up' results - I must have knocked down about 20 Necrons throughout the game
Ray was a bit of a girl and wandered away from me
James' whole force outflanked, these were the first of his reinforcements going after two of Rays Immortals
Ray still (slowly) getting away from me
James about to take some pot shots at Rays Necrons
Ray walks his Necrons into more of my Nobz
James takes a casualty
Knocking more Necrons over - again
James casually struts his Grey Knights down the main fire lane, gatting my Orks in the back
James' Psycannon wielding Grey Knight repositions and trades fire with some Necrons through a window
My dead pile starts growing
Ray hides on a higher level
I throw another Nob at James' Grey Knights
So many Necrons having a lay down
'We'll be back' comes through again
And with the fall of these guys I am bottled and the rest of my lads flee
James shunts his guys onto the central objective
Ray over watches them from the building
James shunts again back towards the two Necron stragglers on the third objective
Unfortunately I don't seem to have recorded the result.  James ends up losing his last three Grey Knights to volleys of Gauss and Ray keeps his jammy git record and wins the match.
My expanded force for the main 750point match
Ray lent me some more 'retro' boys to fill out my roster
James rolled with a small body count Iron Hands force
I don't seem to have a picture of Rays force, but it was an unbound Necron list built using the FW IA12 list using 18 Immortals, a named Lord, two other Lords and 2 Crypteks.
My horde deployed
Ray, in hindsight, messed up deploying in these ruins
A long look down the table from James' deployment end
The boys advance out of the box, making a dash for three of the objectives
Ray lines up a shot
And my Deff Dread (on loan from Ray) ends up with only one hull point
James pods in a dual fist, dual flamer Dreadnought
The first of three units torched by the Dreadnought
The dreads clash - having only one hull point saw my Dread destroyed before I could land a blow
Grabbing an objective - difficulty terrain rolls, and run rolls hobbled most movement during the game
My pile is ridiculous - Ray had seen off the Death Kopters.
James' Plasma and Conversion Beamer saw off these Immortals
My Nobz got into combat finally and did for these Scouts
Ray looking dapper in his corduroy
Ray added a Landspeeder to James pile of dead
Ray spent the first three turns moving two inches to the right, then two back to the left
My Boyz shot down another Landspeeder (to be fair it only had one hull point left) and my Nobz mangled the other two in combat after James forgot to move them making them an easy target
Worst roll of the game - James Sniper Scouts fail to get a single shot off
The Boyz watch on as Ray finally gets his Immortals moving
Ray and I were racing to James last units to see who would get into combat first - James' Plasma and Conversion Beamer started making inroads into the golden horde
At the end of the match I'd cleaned up with some right jammy objective scores
All in all (my being sick aside) it was another great day of gaming with the boys.  I had plenty of laughs, and the lads seemed to enjoy themselves.  My little miss even came in to visit at one point and took hold of Rays hand while the missus went off to do something, which is a right sign of approval from the kid.

We have another session planned already for the end of August aiming for 1,000 point matches.  I think I'll be dropping the Orks in favour of some Space Wolves - but we'll have to see yet.

Cheers all,



  1. Another awesome day, thoroughly enjoyed by all. :)

    1. Cheers dude. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Now roll on the next one!

  2. Looked like alot of fun; you have some classic ork models.