Monday, 25 August 2014

050. Radio Silence continues...

I've been on a run for about four weeks now of illness and back problems.  The illness has been through the family and I needed about a week off work (first time in 10 years I've needed to take sick leave mind) and just this weekend I've had the most tremendous back pain that has seen me curled up in a foetal position for most of the weekend (brothers wedding aside - alcohol and strong meds work wonders - a pity you can't go through life in that semi-drunk/drug fuelled fugue state).
Hobby desk in disarray
Hobby has been on the back burner as a result - though I have managed to keep up with my blog roll and trash talking with the boys regarding our upcoming games day at Rays.
These lads have been on the go since April - they're so close to finished
I have five Ork models nearly finished - they've been that way for the best part of two weeks since I last picked up the brush.  Once my back settles down a bit I will be getting them done so I can start on something else - either  more Orks or maybe some Marines - not sure yet.

Regular blogging is on the horizon soon I hope.

Cheers all,



  1. Those orks are looking wicked.

    and dont sweat the odd quiet time, we're all still here, - as someone who has a chronic illness i know what its like to have periods of downtime, just look at my posting history, the good thing is when i do start posting again, there's lots of lovely chaps like yourself around who come back to reading and commenting like nothing happened. :)

    that said I do know how you feel as i feel bad when i go a while without posting., ive tried to limit that by scheduling posts way in advance - stuff iv'e done this weekend you wont see for a month :) (two if i felt ill and went to one post a week) it helps that i'm prolific when i'm active :)

    1. Cheers mate.

      I must get into the habit of stockpiling posts to flatten out my hobby showcasing.

  2. Hopefully you are worst of your illness and back troubles. Never a fun place to be...

    I look forward to more posts! Your orks are looking great. I really like how the reds have turned out. Glad to see you have the old Gorkamorka scrap prospector model too! He is so characterful.

    1. Cheers Adam - yeah - the Prospektor is one of those old cool models - he's a tad small compared to current generation Orks though.

  3. We're a patient bunch. Hang tough. Regards to you and yours, mate.

    1. Thanks Drax - same to you and yours mate.