Monday, 15 September 2014

051. My little Waagh gathers some more Boyz...

Last night I stuck down the last of the static grass on the 4 Orks I'v been working on for weeks now between bouts of laziness and back pain.  Two Ork Boyz and two more Nobz join my expanding horde of Orks.  The Prospektor is still awaiting some minor touch ups.

As always, the humble Samsung Galaxy S3 was not up to snuff when it came to picture time.  Maybe I need to borrow the missus iThing in future - it takes much nicer pictures.
Group shot
Mr Angry Face
A Black Reach Nob with an arm swap
The two Boyz
I leave off with a slightly overexposed shot a-la Drax's famous spreadsheet view (only in model picture theme) of the horde so far.  Just fourmore Boyz and the first 10 Boy unit is done, then one more unit of Boyz, an extra couple of Nobz, the Koptas and the Kans (which I incidently picked up very cheap [$10 anyone - there seems to have been a glut as a result of scalpers flogging of the contents of that Sanctus Reach set]) and the four Grotz I have on my desk and my little Waagh will be complete!
I'll call that 2/5 done

While it's still going to take plenty more time to finish at the rate I go, this will be the first fully painted collection I will have had since I was 14 and packed away my first Ultramarines force (which later went into the bath of brake fluid (noxious stuff) and simple green (I have the orange scented one which always makes me giggle when I am scrubbing down minis)).

Ideally, I would like to add a couple more Nobz (I seem to have misplaced two Nobz from my old Black Reach set), a 10 Boy mob of Shootas to go with a Nob with Kombi-Shoota I kitbashed together the other night, a Trukk to put some Boyz into, a Burna Boy to swap out for one of the Big Shootas I currently have, and a Deff Dredd.  I'm currently keeping my eyes pealed for more deals on eBay to snap up.

Cheers all,



  1. Love it!

    Love the visceral nature of your spreadsheet: would that all data were presented like that!

    Hey - any progress is good progress, right?!

    1. That's definitely right Drax! Cheers for stopping in buddy.

  2. Ah what I treat, after finally emerging back from the void I get to see some of those brilliant Orks. Love the green you've got on them, no bad thing for Orks really. Definitely at least 2/5 done, looking forward to seeing the rest painted up

    1. Cheers Kieran - happy to see you back and around the place.