Sunday, 7 December 2014

054. Taking stock of my hobby moving into xmas 2014 and the 2015 calendar year...

WARNING - this is a wall of text - things on my mind post.

I have peaks and troughs every year with my hobby output, as work takes precedence, or the winter months set in and I prefer to pursue other pursuits in the cold, or during the height of summer when it becomes impractical to keep trying to apply paint to miniatures.  This year I can add the growing demands of my daughter on my time.  It's hard to think that 6 months ago she turned one, and still didn't register much on my spare time, and now, at 18 months, she is a walking, running, climbing, jumping whirlwind of laughs and screams.  My after work and weekend time is now dominated around her needs and my desire to spend some time with her during these peak formative years.

The boys in the gaming group (Ackland especially with his living miniature) know just how hard it is to find the time spare to set aside for our infrequent catch ups.  With my coming Xmas leave, I'm not sure it will be like previous ones at all.  In the past I have had roughly 4 weeks each year to swan around, hobby at leisure and pursue whatever takes my fancy each day.  Somehow I think this year that luxury will be gone.

I have set some goals though for my time off.  I've negotiated with the missus to have some precious days alone outside of parenting and house maintenance tasks.  She has asked me to paint another two rooms in the house (now looking like a tradition for my leave - we've been here 6 years and I still have yet to paint each room to the colour the missus picked when we moved in) - one of which is my back spare room which also serves as my hobby storage and painting room.  This gives me the opportunity to change the layout of the room, as well as pursue some of my own goals like adding extra shelving space etc.

The boys and I have been having some deep and meaningful s on our hobby this last few weeks including what motivates us.  I struck upon the point that having all my stuff (nearly all unpainted) out on show (even though it is behind me when I paint) dents my motivation as it puts a daunting task out on show.  Repainting that room and reorganising it is the right time to look critically at my collection and see what I can possible let go of, and what can go into storage.

I've already commenced action to divest myself of my first army lot - my Warhammer Empire army which I bought over two years on the cheap to act as my counter force to my Warriors of Chaos.  The reality was I would never paint the Empire stuff, let alone play with it.  It has sat in a box for over two years.  Looking at it, i pulled out miniatures that had significance to me for one reason or another, and then bunged the rest up on a local FB swap page - I had offers within 30 minutes - absolutely nuts.

The rest of my collection is harder to justify (in my mind at least) getting rid of.  Ackland has warned me against doing things for the wrong reason, so I think I am going to follow one of the other lads in the group, James, advice and put stuff into boxes to store away.

I started painting this chap up one night on a whim
On the topic of motivation, I also posted in our group page about how I had hit the wall with a mini I had started a few weeks back but then stopped when it didn't progress as I wanted - that's down to me not painting enough to develop the painting techniques and skills I need to actually get the results i have in my head.  What I spoke about in the group is how I utilise a simple process to clean away the negativity from my mind space about a mini and start looking at it again with fresh eyes.  That process is done by painting the rim on the base black.  Simple as that.

Then he languished for two weeks - motivation disappeared
By blacking int the rim, I tidy away all the previous mess made by drybrushing the base and the early base coat over run stage, and reframe the mini on a clean base.  Its enough to get me going again on a mini I have stalled on.
Blacking in the rims helped reframe the mini and get be going on it again. Still WIP but now progressing

This has been a meandering wall of text for which I apologise to anyone who took the time to read it.  Between chasing the kid, and painting the house, I should have some time to get on with the act of hobbying and hopefully start delivering new content to this blog sooner rather than later.

In other news, James from our group has kicked off a blog recently (In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbyist) meaning there's only Dale yet to follow suit.  Between the three blogs, come a games day, we should now get some decent coverage of events.

Cheers all, and if I don't post before then - merry Christmas to you and yours from the Warne family, and a safe and happy new years, with plenty of good hobby for all in 2015.

Cheers all,



  1. Always a pleasure getting inside your head mate. ;)

  2. Thanks for the update! Good to hear your family is all doing well! It certainly can be hard to get in hobby time. I struggle with it and I don't even have a family yet... It helps me that my blog is run by my brothers and me. We can keep each other motivated!

    I am glad to see you are working on painting Brian Nelson's Nurgle lord. I really like the drab, murky greens.

    1. Cheers Adam.

      The Nurgle Lord model is fantastic. It was the post you lads through up the other week that had me digging him out. A simple holster addition to the go and a round base and he's good to go in 40k.