Tuesday, 17 February 2015

057. 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there...

Plodding ever onwards
You wouldn't know by looking at the picture above that I had done much at all this last week, but even though I've only managed two painting sessions, these guys have progressed.
Finding spots to work in the checks was a bother on some of the Kans
The trick of balancing my family and work commitments with my leisure and hobby commitments has always been a difficult one for me, but with the boys in the group pushing us along, its been quite clear that even with only 30 minutes here or there every day or so, you can make a lot of headway on your minis.
Bit stumped about what to do with the engine stacks
Aside from being hot and muggy this last weekend gone, and having extra family and other commitments, I have managed to tighten up and relayer my reds to the point that I am happy with them, as well as finish off the whites and place my checks.  I have a few more spots on a few of the arms that in hindsight I wouldn't mind going back to, to add some more checks to help break up the metal patches, but overall I'm happy with how these have progressed.
The Grotzooka offered a lovely spot to place some checks on this Kan
Aside from the extra checks, this week I am aiming to get the bone tusks painted in, bring in a few selective highlights/scratches/chips on the bare metal, paint the Rokkit heads either white or yellow, and pick out the cables and lenses.
I think I need to add some checks around the curved section at the head of this drill
I did find a small patch to do some on the Rokkit arm - now I just need a colour for the Rokkit heads

That will leave the last few days of February to decide what to do with the engine stacks.  I didn't want more red on them as I wanted that as a spot/focal colour applied haphazardly on major plates on the fronts.  I originally thought about rusting them up somehow but I think that may introduce an extra colour that isn't needed.  I'm leaning at the moment to just darkening the smoke stacks, and maybe picking out a few details in white/yellow.

Cheers all,



  1. Looking good man! I try to get 30min-1hour in a day, and before you know it the models are done!

    1. Couldn't agree more mate. Cheers for stopping by.

  2. Nice lookin' cans there Man.

    Wait, that sounds wrong...

    1. Puns notwithstanding, brown ink mixed with a little gloss varnish makes for good fuel/oil staining if you need some extra dimension to break up the metal.

    2. That's a good idea. I have some AK Interactive stuff laying around. I might have a play and see what kind of effect I can pull off.