Monday, 23 February 2015

058. Stompy Killa Deff Stomp...

So finished.  A week early even.  After a few 30 minute sessions over Thursday to Sunday just gone, I managed to get my Kans to the point that I am happy to call them done.

Three go to waaagh!

There are definitely things I'd do differently if I had my time again, namely I wouldn't work with the Vallejo Model Colour Gunmetal or Oily Steel as anything other ban base drybrush layers.  They are definitely a poor substitute to the classic Citadel Boltgun Metal, Chainmail and Mithril Silvers of the world as far as useability goes.
The Dakka Kan with Buzz Saw
I have some of the Vallejo Game Colour metallics which are quite good, its just the Model Colour range I have issue with.  The pigments seem grainy/chunky and the paints don't seem to go down smooth, or be useable for fine brush work - even when thinned with various mediums.
I have the same issue with the Vallejo Game Colour Washes and Inks not being as good as the older range of Citadel Washes.  The Vallejo stuff seems to end up matte finished, and in some cases lends a slightly white/chalky appearance to the underlying colour tone.
Some of the copper/verdigris I added to each engine block - plus some stray static grass
Otherwise I am happy with how the white checks turned out across the minis, as well as the use of the copper (Game Colour Hammered Copper) and verdigris effect (various mixes of different turquoises/green shades mixed differently each time I mixed some up).  The copper/verdigris helps break up the dirty metal work and adds a nice contrast to the red.
The other two engines
With the engine compartments I settled on more copper/verdigris, as well as blackening the smoke stacks and washing the blocks with AK Interactive enamel Engine Grime/Washes to 'dirty' them up slightly, add some new tones and introduce a slight oily sheen in part.  I also added the Engine Grime around some of the pistons where oil/grime would generally accumulate over the moving part/housings.
Mr Stabby Drill with his Rokkit pack
I settled on a basic star burst pattern, with a whorl pattern and plain white warhead on the Rokkits.  Yellow would have looked out of place and added another colour that wasn't needed.  Plus it was simple to do which is win in my mind.
Chilling with some Grots and a Mek
All up not a bad look for roughly three weeks effort after work and on weekends, helped along by the fact I could dry brush lots of it.  I'm thinking the last 4 Boys of the first Boys Squad are next in the queue.  At the moment I'm notionally 50% or so done on my 2015 pledge based on the miniature weighting system I devised, these guys being something like 25% of the total pledge.  At this rate I'll be well done by the end of the year which means its likely I'll be moving onto terrain as my subsequent goal.

A blurry/out of focus army shot - Boys and Deff Koptas to do

I really like painting my Orks, the dirty paint style I have for them seems not to look out of place on this lot.  I'm dreading the day I turn my hand to my Marines in any proper sense - I'll need to learn to paint a lot cleaner.

Cheers all,



  1. Looking really good there. The red and black reminds me of the old 2nd ed gof style model. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers Fett. I hadn't even seen that but your correct. Maybe I'm secretly channeling my early days in the hobby subconsciously.

  2. Weirdly, you've fallen off the bottom of my blogroll. So I'm just catching up. Loving the Orky stuff and the report about the cavalry minidex.

    1. Cheers Z. I fiddled with my blogger settings and I think that has affected my appearance on the blog rolls.

      Once Ackland hands in his thesis in sure the Cavalry dex and his Necrons temple complex will be front and centre of some more battle reports.

  3. Looking really good mate, nice work as always! I did notice a real lack of Klaws attached to rokkits, I think you need some more rockets that fire power-klaws.


    1. Cheers Macca. I'll have to look into that in the future. I do have thoughts to expand the walker section with a Deff Dredd and maybe one of those FW Dredds. You never know what the Orky Meks will come up with.