Tuesday, 3 February 2015

55. 2015 - Woohoo....Oh wait, it's February already!

So it's February - two months to the day nearly since my last post - that was unexpected - erm, reasons.

2015 kicked off hobby wise for me with a group pledge amongst the lads - Ray (Col. Ackland), James (The Hobbyist) and Dale (get a blog already) - we decided amongst ourselves, lets each try and fully paint one of our forces.
Orks, Orks, Orks...err, Grots, Grots, Grots!
I think all of us in the group generally have a hobby start date of second/third edition 40K, which means amongst other things (like mixing up rules between editions, and reminiscing lots while stroking our manly man beards), we all have largish (some might say out of control) hobby collections.  I know the extensiveness of my own collection of shame was a bit of a shock to the system when over the Christmas break I emptied the back room that is my hobby space in order to paint it - I had boxes of gear laying around that I had completely forgotten I owned - like the thirty odd Tactical Marines and Terminators built/semi built in a drawer, while I had another 60 Tactical and 20 Terminators sat on the shelf!  Stripping the room helped me rationalise that a bit, including selling off one force, and boxing up other stuff that in 3 months time if I haven't thought about/looked at, will be given away or sold (James has already called dibs on the Harlequins the jammy git).

In 2014, my total hobby spend ended up being around $25 dollars; $6 of that being a pot of paint for Ray as payment for a lost bet, and the balance being some Killa Kans I got cheap from the Netherlands.  In 2015 I want to reduce that spend to nil.  No more miniatures (I'm cheating here as at some point this year I expect my Raging Heroes Toughest Girls Jail Birds to turn up - they were paid for back in 2013).
The Thieving Grots set I finished mid January
As well as not spending, I realised while putting models back on my shelves of shame that my Orks collection (a notional 1,000 point viable force) was half painted and as I had been using it more in our irregular catchups, it made sense to make them a focus this year.

The boys were of like mind, and we quickly agreed to push each other on to finish a full army - me my Orks, James his Imperial Fists, Ray 100 odd models or terrain and other odds and sods to an equivalent amount of effort, and Dale his Raven Guard.  Each of us had roughly 1,000 to 1,250 points of models in our respective forces.

We have even played around with painting charts and stats to help track and show our progress.  The first of February was our first formal check in, kicked off by James posting to our facebook group page, and it looks like I'm actually tracking to time based on the number of models I need to do, the effort I have allocated each model, and the total time elapsed (see - scientific thought went into this).
My paint tracking chart - a wonder of excel formulas and graphing - I'm currently tracking % painted ahead of the % time  completed trend
I've knocked my Grots out in January, and have nearly finished the last two Nobs I had on the shelf.  After these guys get done I'm going to pick one of the Kans or a Deff Kopter to do - I'll keep alternating between a vehicle and the 14 Boys I need to do so it doesn't devolve into drudgery.

It doesn't seem like a lot for me to do in the space of a full year - but like most adult hobbyists, I have a young family to spend time with, a full time job, as well as other pursuits outside of this hobby that also need to share my time.  I have deliberately kept the commitment I made to myself and the broader group to what I realistically see as a manageable level such that this doesn't become one of those pledges that fizzles out.  If I can finish these and something else, then that's just all win.
Currently on my work bench - I'm actually a bit further along now and these are nearly finished
The boys are equally tracking well - I'm sure they'll blog about their own experiences in their own time.  We have a closed Facebook group that we each post in pretty much every day, showing progress, talking hobby, or just generally chewing the fat as the cool kids say.  It has been really motivating having a core group that is enthusiastic and shares an ideal - as well as being a great bunch of guys

While gaming is still on the list of things to do this year, we all have to juggle other commitments, and finding time for full days to set aside for a catch up has proven hard since around November last year.  Instead, Ray (being the organised chap he pretends he is) has arranged a few after hours board game nights that have proven hilariously good fun, and opened my eyes to a different type of gaming.  Growing up boardgames in my house meant Monopoly, Guess Who or Cluedo.  In today's golden gaming era, we are more spoilt than that - and Ray and James have a veritable treasure trove of cool co-operative boardgames.  So far we've played Flash Point and Last Night on Earth - both of which were fantastically good fun, and more importantly quick to play.

So that's where I'm at in 2015.  My other goal to myself is to maintain this blog more, and achieve a higher post rate than I did in 2014, but that is a secondary aim - this blog was always intended as a release mechanism, to air my thoughts, show off somewhat, and have someone to store my blog roll, and connect with others - it shouldn't be a chore, and the minute it does, is the minute it goes into hibernation again (though hopefully not for another 2 months).

Cheers all, and as always, happy hobby!

'The Muppet'


  1. Good luck with the painting commitment. Getting more painted forces on the tabletop is always a win!

    1. Thanks mate. I haven't had a painted army completed since I was a 15 year old. It will be good seeing a board film of painted minis

  2. “..a great bunch of guys” ohhh shucks!

    You know I stay “And-thankyou-Liam” every time I pop that paint lid!

    My arm was twisted to pledge what I need for a rounded force of 1000p of Guard. So that is now my official pledge. I’ll try and stick to that along with my Necron terrain which will see a mighty come back in a month or two.

    Now we just have to keep the blogging mojo going ay Muppet!!!