Tuesday, 10 February 2015

56. Looking 'killa'...

The title to this blog is a lame joke James made in our group page on my latest WIP shot, but it at least tells it as it is - Killa Kans have been the order of the day this last week.

I was originally only going to work on one at a time between various other models on the to do list, but instead decided as they were really just one big mass of the same or similar colours, I should bust them out at the same time.
WIP Killa Kans - rough and ready at the moment but I can see the finished product in my minds eye
So far they have received various metallic shades drybrushed over the primer, as well as a dirty brown wash of my own mixture to tone back the metallic sheen.  I picked out certain parts in copper and then hit that with a dirty green-brown wash and then a verdigris mix to add some flavour.  The last thing I've done to date is to stipple on my base red mix (brown and a few red/purple tones) and then apply a sponge chip of metallic in obvious places (bullet dings/edges) and then wash that back as well.

The rest of this week will be spent bringing the red up to the final brighter tone through various further stippled layers, as well as dirtying and then re lightening the dags in white, as well as working some black and white checks onto the models.  I'm hoping to knock these three out over the next fortnight working around my other time commitments, but we'll have to see if that's achievable or not.

Shortly after my last post I did finish of the two Nobs I'd been working on.  This little army project is chuffing along quite nicely for now.
The finished Nobs
And with the rest of their friends

Happy hobby all,



  1. Lovng the kans so far! Really want to get back into my orks at some point!

    1. Cheers Fett. They are proving a blast to paint and have been really fun to play on the table top.

      Cheers for stopping by.

  2. Great to see your ork force is progressing nicely! The muted reds and metallics on the Killa Kans look fantastic. The subtle use of verdigris is really nice too, noticeable but not overbearing (I feel a lot of people tend to overdo some of the weathering effects, particularly with verdigris).

    The unit of Nobz is looking similarly fantastic. The reds give a strong sense of unison throughout the force (and make them run faster and fight harder). One thing I did notice was the dark purple squig on the one Nobz banner. I think he looks a little weird being so dark. Maybe try giving him another highlight or two? Just a suggestion.

    Keep going strong!

    1. Thanks Adam. I have been really enjoying painting these guys. Doing the red parts is always a good point in the models life as it really helps start to frame the end result in my minds eye.

      I have three Squigs spread throughout the force now I think and they are all different colours. When I pulled these out for the shot I had noted the little fella could do with some more attention. He's silk in the desk for that reason.

      Cheers for stopping by mate.