Tuesday, 3 March 2015

059. Boyz go to Waagh (WIP)...

Another week down and a bit further into my Ork Waaagh!

Since I completed the Kans, I have started on the last four Boyz for my first Boy squad.  This is another 3 Chopper/Slugga Boyz and a Boy with a Big Shoota.  These are all from the Black Reach set from a few years ago.

Over four nights I managed to get the bases done, the base metallics (including wash), the reds and checks and then started on the skin. Apologies for the rubbish photos, I stole them of the Facebook group page as I don't have them on the phone anymore.
Bases completed - though I have gone back in with Bleached Bone and lightened them a tad
Metallics laid down and washed - I'll darken the bare metal again at a later stage once I see how the whole mini is looking
The reds at an intermediate stage - I went back in and chipped in around the edges with Chainmail, then brightened the reds some more
Checks and base layer of the green skin completed
Skin washed and the second layer tone added
I'm hoping to get the skin and claws done by the end of the working week, and then the leather and clothes over the weekend.

Cheers all,



  1. Oooh Orks. Looking forward to seeing a splash of colour on these.

  2. Cheers Z. Not too much more colour to add beyond lightening the skin tone a bit more, then the standard beige/cream for the pants and vests. The red is as colourful as I get unless there is somewhere to work some copper metallics in.