Tuesday, 10 March 2015

060. Boys Waaagh On!

This week sees the four Ork Boys that have been on my table finished, joining the other lads I've variably finished over the course of the last few years.  This completes my first 10 Boy Mob (not really a Mob but its all about the vibe as the cool people say).  
One 'mob' of Boys ready to Waagh! with accompanying Nob escort
Sadly, next up is more of the same - more Boys.  I have another 10 in the queue to do and figured I should make a start on them before getting onto something more interesting like the Deff Koptas.  I have said to the lads in the group that I'd hope to be able to finish the next 4 Boys by the end of the month, but that might be a stretch as motivation waned a bit on these 4, and I have some days away towards the end of the month.
An earlier WIP shot after the skin and teeth were done, but before leathers and clothing was finished
So interwebs, I'll be boring you for the next couple of weekly updates with yet more WIP Ork Boys - which I'm sure is a thrilling prospect for you all.  I might just try and do up some other spot updates to break it up a bit.
The four likely lads finished off this week
Cheers all,



  1. Great to see your ork force is still going strong! The four new additions are looking really sharp and fit in perfectly with the rest of the squad members.

    Have you considered trying to play around with different skin tones in your mobs (a potential means to make painting boyz more interesting?)? I could imagine that the skin tones would vary widely from ork to ork. Just a thought.

    Keep forging on ahead!

    1. Cheers Adam. I find painting then relaxing, as the semi messy style you get away with for Orks means you can go a long way to hide issues. As a cohesive force the look seems to work.

      I have thought about mixing it up a bit on the skin. Jeff Vader amongst others had put out some beautiful models with fantastic skin tones when he tackled the Freebooters. He achieved a much smoother skin application rather than my water merlin skin approach. I havea range of olive drabs and other similar uniform colours on my reach I can try mixing into various tones to mix it up some. I'll give it a crack and see how it does with me.

  2. Bold, punchy colours set off well with the two-tone checkerboard details!

    Be interested to see what you come up with for your skin tone variations!

    1. Thanks Tony - red and green go off so well together. The checks are just to add some visual interest to otherwise flat and plain metal facings. It was that or more of the red, but people tended to confuse that with 'blood splatter' rather than the intended worn paint effect.

      I've got the next four nearly at the stage where I'm thinking about skin tone. I think if I mix it up I'm going to want to change my whole skin recipe so the base layer sets me up for the final tone.