Wednesday, 25 March 2015

062. Something different and more of the same...

I was saying to the lads the other day how my mojo was waning this past week and I had struggled to pick up the brush.  After such a massive start to the year, I'd been expecting the wall to have crept up and smacked me right in the face at some point, but I'd hoped that would have happened in the colder months around June, rather than this early in the year.

While I say the mojo is waning, its not to say its gone for good.  I have pushed on a tad with my Boys I started, there are at the base skin stage (I know there were some comments on my last Ork post to the effect to try and mix up the skin, but I haven't done that on this batch - I have a few odds and sods Orks I'll save that for at a later stage).
WIP Orks and Nurgle Lord from the other night
Instead of Orks, my eyes were drawn to the plastic Fantasy Nurgle Lord that I'd modified slightly by adding a holstered pistol and trimming down the horns on his shoulder pad, plus slapping him on a round base.  He's sat in a partially finished state for months.  Looking at him, I had the urge to get away from green and work on his fleshy parts.

I mixed a whole mess of pinks, purples, buffs and tans and green tones together on my palette and then started just brushing them on, James Wappel style.  I eventually got to a point where I had a half decent layer with respectable highlights in various tones. which were enhanced from the prior layers of paint and quite dark washes I'd hit at the first time I laid paint to the mini.

I thought it was in a good place so I went to my collection of washes and made a mix of reds, greens, purple and blue, keeping some of each primary colour to the side, and then started selective washing around the mini.  The end result was a really characterful (to my eyes) shade of decaying skin.  You get a sense in the picture collage below (another idea borrowed from the brothers Wier) of the different tones, but its lost something in the translation through pictorial medium.
The finalised Lord - not sure why the collage maker cropped the pictures but you get the idea
I finished it off with a cliched hyper yellow for the snot glob falling over the axe haft, and a basic metal and wash effect on the axe (really think it could have done with a rust effect but I didn't fancy trying that with the axe attached so close to the body - next time I have that idea I'll work on the mini in components).  I painted the chain mail in standard metallics, and the loin cloth/skin as worn skin.  The pants got a camo green treatment to offset the existing darker green armour that I'd worked on many moons ago.

He's not my finest mini, but he looks good to me and was a nice change from the Orks, and something to kick start what I think is going to be my next painting project after the Orks are done - my mixed Chaos Renegade Guardsmen and Marines.

Taking even a few nights away from the Orks has been good to refresh my painting motivation.  It's back to the Orks for this coming weeks,  although I'm behind, I'd still like to finish the four on my desk by the end of March.

Cheers all,



  1. Great work on the Nurgle Chaos lord (and thanks for mentioning the blog)! His rotting flesh looks superb, particularly the subtle color variations and transitions. The green of his armour also looks really nice, a wonderful drab military green. :)

    The next set of ork boys look to be progressing nicely too. I can see why you might need a break from painting them. I am working on painting my third Iron Sleet Invitational model; and let me tell you I can't wait to get away from painting for a short while. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Not a problem Adam - Your blog is pure win!

      As Karitas has said, a break is as good as a rest. Though I think my painting output so far this year outstrips yours - you've only managed 2 models - how can you be knackered already!!

      Very much looking forward to seeing the finished set of minis from yourself and the broader Invitational group.

    2. Ha ha, yeah only two models into painting... I think it is largely that I have been spending nearly every second of my free time painting trying to finish the three Invitational models for April (all that coming from no painting for years, ha ha). That and I think I am spending far too much time with each of the highlights. I probably spent like 4-5 hours painting the red on Molnar's legs (8 total highlights, ha ha).

      I think if I take more of a leisurely pace to painting and intersperse it with modelling I will be ok. I am still having a great time painting again though. :)

    3. That's the real struggle. Stopping the hobby from becoming a job. Sometimes working to a deadline is a sure way to suck the life out of something that should be stress reducing.

  2. I am liking the depth of colours you have going on the fleshy parts of your nurgle lord. Lots of nice hues going on :)

    1. Cheers Naf - it was good to see them all 'work' together on the mini as I was going along. I was anticipating a horrible mess, but the washes, glazes and paints seemed to do what I was intending they do, and while its not exactly how I would have liked it to look (and the photo masks some of the more subtle tone/transitions), I'm still well chuffed with it.

  3. A break is a good as a rest they say.

    I find it often refreshes me to paint something looser for the sheer fun of it rather than plough on with batch paitning the same scheme over and over.

    Nice work on the skin btw.though I think you still have room to push the contrast on those tones if you want ;O)

    1. That is certainly true mate.

      Its been so many years since I've stuck to a single project for so long that I'd forgotten what a drag it could be once you establish the production process.

      I found myself earlier in the week approaching the minis in a different paint order just to try and liven the process up. I had originally thought switching between unit types would have been enough, but inevitably each unit ends up with a similar style/scheme with only slight variation - its really just scale. Ork Boy, Grot, Ork Nob, Kans (though these were a bit of a departure).

      I agree I could have been more adventurous with the tone transitions, but I was bordering on being happy, and ruining what I already had, so being the risk averse person I am, I settled on keeping with what I was already happy with.

      As I mentioned to NafNaf, the picture has washed out some of the more subtle tone, and taken back some of the starker transitions.

  4. Good stuff, man - Loving how those Orks are looking, and that Nurgle champion is absolutely disgusting (as it should be).

    There's no harm in taking a breather, or shifting gears and working on a different project for a while, definitely helps to recharge the hobby mojo. Keep up the great work man - definitely looking forward to seeing whatever happens to be next up on the painting desk!

  5. Solid work on the Nurgle Lord. The flesh looks amazing!

  6. I'm really liking that Nurgle Lord sir!
    I wouldn't worry about going through a bit of a funk with the painting motivation. As I mentioned to you before, my progress has slowed down too, even to the point of taking 3-4 days off sometimes.

    We're all still doing exceptionally well so far this year, and all it takes is for your mojo to come back with force and you'll have a stint where you'll power through so much work!

    My Imperial Fists are staring at me wanting to be edge highlighted........ :-(

    1. Cheers James. You ate slightly nuts committing to all that edge highlighting. Though it is looking fantastic.