Monday, 27 April 2015

064. The generosity of friends...

April is nearly gone and this is the first post I've managed.  That's to be expected in the main as the autumn/winter months are generally slow for me hobby wise, coinciding generally with a bit of a ramp up at work for the end of the financial year, the kids birthday, and general 'its-cold-malaise'.
Same Orks I've been working on for the last month - Dale pointed out this lot look like they are waving chequered flags at the end of a F1 race - Sigh - may need to do something to avoid that.
It's been drastically slow on the painting front too.  I'm still working on the four Ork Boys I started a while back though it looks like I'll have them finished by the close of the month which will mean I would have still finished something for the month.

So whats the blog title all about then.  Its about this.

Orky goodness
That is a big old pile of plastic from my mate James.  He'd mentioned some time ago how he had some Black Reach Boys I could have for nought as he didn't intend on doing anything with them.  I figured why not, I need more Boys and if they are up for grabs I'd have them.  That was months ago, and since then we have back and forthed about how next time we'll catch up we would perform an exchange, seeing I was going to receive some Boys, and I had a set of the metal Harlequins that I wasn't doing much with that James fancied.
The first new Nob to join the horde - a bits mash Black Reach and plastic Nob kit
This past weekend I finally got my act together and went on a jaunt handing out little sachets of bits to Ray, Dale and James, and in return James handed me a plastic bag of grey goodness.  When I got home and examined the bag I realised not only had James handed me the 20 Boys from Black Reach, but he'd also given me the Nobs, Warboss and Deff Koptas.  On top of that, there was a box worth of normal Ork Boys complete with the Shoota bits that come in that set - Huzzah!  I'd intended buying a box of those to go with the Shoota Nob I painted the other month.  James being the gentleman he is won't accept further payment for the loot either.

The Black Reach Boys are a bit samey - but now I have 40 of them that was always going to be an issue.  Being a horde focused army I'm less bothered by that aspect of the minis and don't have the inclination to try too many changes to the base pose.  The Nobs on the other hand did have me scratching my head as I already had a set of Black Reach Nobs (sans one that went wanderbouts at some stage) and another set of normal multipart plastic Nobs.  I didn't fancy another set in the same pose seeing there would be feweer of those in the army.  The multipart plastic set had come with plenty of spare gubbins, so I dug those out of my bits box and set to the new group of Black Reach nobs with my plastic cutters, scalpel and green stuff, with the aim of making them same - but different.
The same base body, but two new arms and a head swap with one of the other Nobs
Again, the same body (minus a spike), another head swap (a variation on the painted one above - sans skull top) and a spare set of Shoota parts from the other Nob set
Another head and arm swap is enough to make this body look suitably different - though maybe I should swap that pistol out for something else - or a back banner - that's what it needs - a back banner
Once again, a spare Shoota get up and head swap (the same as the painted one directly above - though this one kept his top knot)  is enough to visually change this models silhouette
Mr Grumpy here is the only body that doesn't have a double - I did swap out his arm though and he scored the Warbosses head as I didn't use that on my original

My collection of Nobs - ready to wage the Waagh!
I totted up a rough list the other night to include the extra bodies gained from this swagbag and now have a viable body count to build a genuine 1,250 point list without tooling up on wargear.  Its foot dominated as I have no transports but that is easy enough to rectify.  I figure if I can complete the paint job on my original set of Orks as planned as part of my painting pledge, that is enough to earn a reward for myself.  Something new and shiny (or rusty seeing its Orks were talking about here).  A nice Battlewagon maybe, or a couple of FW spec Trukks!!!

So thank you Mr James, I tip my hat to you good sir!

Cheers all,



  1. Looking good man! Orks are like that, they start to spawn and grow when you least expect it! :)

    1. Must keep an eye on those shrooms in the back lawn!

      Cheers for stopping by mate.

  2. They look very good. The simple swaps have completely changed the models so I could not recognise that they were the same model

    1. Awesome. That means I achieved what I set out to. It was fun to mix and match various bits and pieces. Is the part of the hobby I like the best.

      Cheers buddy.

  3. Nice Nob(s).

    Sorry. Someone had to....

    1. Ha. I was expecting it from someone.

      Cheers Z

  4. That's a tip o' the hat very well deserved, I'd say!

    I do love the look of those Orks...

    1. Thanks Drax. I've can't say thanks enough to James.

      I have really enjoyed sticking bits of plastic together this last week. It's reinvigorating me to get on with my painting.

  5. I really like the checkered flag weapons, you should not change them.

    1. Cheers Bacon - I left them alone in the end. What I think stands out to me most is the checks are much larger on these ones than ones I did in the last set. If they were smaller I don't think I'd have much issue with them.