Wednesday, 6 May 2015

065. Orky Deff Koptas ahoy...

As the title says, Deff Koptas are order of the day.  After the last post I put in a few solid nights and managed to get the four Boyz finished just in time for the end of April.
The next 4 Boyz ready to Waagh!
Wasting no time, I launched into my Deff Koptas.  I started easily enough getting the bases done in one sitting before moving onto the Koptas themselves.
Bases done - easy job that
After the bases, I dry brushed the whole frame with Vallejo Tinny Tin and followed that up with a dry brush of GW Lead Belcher, and then a wash of my dirty brown mix (the dregs of old Devlan Mud, Badab Black, and various Vallejo and Secret Weapon brown washes).
Base coat of Tinny Tin
After that stage I went back in and added some copper and brass to various pipes and plates across the frame prior to washing the coppery pieces with a verdigris mix.
Lead Belcher, wash and copper picked out
Verdigris applied
This is where I am up to tonight across the three models.  I need to go back into the copper/brass and reapply the metallic in certain sections where the verdigris wash has bled over to spots I didn't want it too, as well as go in with a very targeted chalky white/verdigris wash around key bolts/plates to give it a really corroded/calcified look.

My painting steps from here will be done in the following blocks:
- Block in the parts that will be red and work them up in my degraded paint style
- Apply check patterns and paint any sculpted dags white (like on the front of the Kopta in that last
- Re-wash any remaining metal and then apply edge highlighting and fine scratches
- Pick out any wires or other do-dads on the actual airframe and also paint the Rokkits
- Ork skin
- Teeth and claws
- Leather
- Pants and tops

Each step should be the work of a night or two across the three Koptas so the whole lot should be completed by the end of May which is the target I'm working too.  That gives me a few nights off painting (like tonight) and breaks the work up into what I have found across the other models painted are manageable chunks of work.

After that it is only 6 more Boyz and the force as it stood at 1 January will be done.  Here's a rather blurry shot of the Ork shelf as it stood before I started on the Koptas.
Blurry Orks - the other, other kind of Orks
After this shelf is done, the next question is do I do some more terrain to move the board along, start on the next 36 Boys, Nobs and Boss, or work on something else completely like my odds and sods shelf, my Chaos, Guard, Wolves, Ultras????  That's a question for another day I think.  Best not get too far ahead of myself.

Cheers all,



  1. Really digging the rusty corrosion type stuff going on there! Makes me want to get my orks out again

    1. Cheers Fett. By the time their finished the metalwork should look like the Kans I did earlier.

  2. Those flying machines can be really loud. Deaf copters even effect orky hearing. (Sorry)

    Lookin' good still.