Monday, 1 June 2015

067. Filler post - June painting pledge stocktake...

We have a new lad in our little gaming group who asked about out talk of painting pledges which got me looking at where I was at come 1 June for the pledge I made at the start of the year.  Yes this is a filler post to hide the lack of actual painting update in the last week or so.  Its cold.  I'm sick.  The kidlett is sick.  I enjoy watching the Tigger movie far too much at the moment.

This is what I've managed to paint this year to date.   It doesn't look like much but by my standards its a fair chunk of continual effort.
Jobs a good'un on this lot
This is whats left of my initial 2015 painting pledge.  As you can see the Koptas are underway (and have been for the last 4 and a bit weeks).
WIP Koptas and some more likely lads
This is what the pledged amount looks like as a whole - not a bad looking bunch.  It has given me so far a nice variety of bits and bobs to paint rather than an endless horde of Boyz.
The 2015 painting pledge
And I can start to see what my little Ork force will look like come the end of the pledge - a nice little Waagh indeed!  Not bad seeing according to Picassa the first lick of paint was applied to some of these lads way back in 2009!
The pledge and the rest of the painted Horde
But wait I hear you ask, didn't young James throw you some spare Ork Boyz and other gubbins.  Why yes he did intrepid blogger.  This is what the horde will grow too once I've knocked off my 2015 pledge (hopefully well before the end of the year) and I crack on with the next instalment - the Green Tide!
Waagh! the Orks
I caved the other day and ordered from our friendly oriental resin dealers a Ghazgull Thraka to lead this band of merry Orks, and a Deff Dread to add some stompy bombast and razz up my Kans.  I also fancy an order of Trukks and Big Guns may be lurking on the horizon at some point when I scrape some more coin together.

Filler post finished.  Given its winter and I generally slow down, my posting will become infrequent unless I have something genuinely worthwhile to post on rather than an endless stream of weekly WIP shots of the same lads etc.

Cheers all,