Tuesday, 29 September 2015

070. Painting pledge complete and the rest of the year...

As the title says, the painting pledge I committed to at the start of the year with the lads in my little gaming group has been finished.  With the last few brush strokes and some scatter flock the final 6 Boys were done rounding out my pledge.
The last 6 Boys just prior to being finished.
These aren't great photos but they demonstrate ably what I have done this year.  When I posted it to the lads I mentioned how its not been on the timetable I'd have liked, with certain units dragging on as the painting mojo ebbed and flowed during the year - I had hoped to knock the whole pledge off back in June/July.  It doesn't look a lot but its more than my total output in any of the prior recent years.
My 2015 painting pledge all finished - quite a bit chuffed with myself
It also means I have a rough 1,000 point Ork force fully painted; which is something I haven't been able to say about any Army I own since I was about 14 and had a rough and ready Ultramarine force.  Granted Orks I have found Orks are much easier to knock out, owing to their (or at least my approach) dirty/messy style not requiring extreme neatness and fine line highlights.   Having said that, everything has been painted to the 3 colour minimum, with a base, layer, highlight and wash, with some 'advanced' techniques like sponge weathering and chipping, freehand (dags and checks are still free hand!) etc.  I'm mighty chuffed that I got this done as in recent years it has been hard to stay motivated on any one project for long, or to see things through.  For this I can thanks the lads in my gaming group and my fellow bloggers here on the blog (particularly those who without fail have left an encouraging comment on each repetitive WIP post) for keeping me on track and motivating me to push on when things dragged.
My rough 1,000 points of painted Orks
More Orks lurk on the shelves of shame including another 30 Boys!!!!!!!  I'm going to need a palette cleanser before I tackle those after knocking out the last 20.  Not shown is a FW Killkrusha Tank I treated myself too on my birthday which is sitting in a box waiting to be built.
So having finished the last of the Boys I had a spare couple of months available in this calendar year to either carry on with my Orks (I have more lurking on the shelves of shame and in a box) or jump into something new - which could be terrain, an early start on next years pledge (already lined up a Nurgle Chaos Lost and the Damned mixed composition force), any of the various Marine projects I have on the shelves or something different.  I settled on a mix of more Orks as I enjoy painting them, and something different - some of my random models and kitbashes I'd been collecting to form the basis of Necromundan/Inquisimunda gangs.
My current WIP - some more Nobs and some odds and sods I'd started but not finished
Lurking on the sidelines, some more odd bods that I will pick and choose from between now and New Year when the 2016 pledge will kick off

So cheers all again for stopping by.  Keep on painting and blogging - it provides no end of motivation, even if I am lax and don't comment on all the awesome content that comes up in the blog roll.



Sunday, 20 September 2015

069. Fluffing around with the lads...

Progress on many fronts has been slow.  Ignoring all that though, yesterday I got a game in at my place with Ray, Dale and new lad D playing in teams of 2, with each player bringing 1,000 points each, and each side having access to a Baneblade for reasons beyond  my comprehension - NOTE to future games - no Baneblades.
The terrain layout.  The table is 8 x 4 so we marked off 1 foot on each end to store casualties
Ray castled up behind his tanks - A Baneblade with extra sponsons, a Demolisher and an Exterminator.  He also took a full Command including specialists and 2 x Veteran Squads with a smattering of Plasma and Melta.  Dale brought his Wolves including a Land Raider toting a Terminator Squad, a squad of Las Long Fangs and a Razorback with 5 Grey Hunters and a Rune Priest.
My Wolves including a borrowed Rhino to ferry my Melta Toting Grey Hunters. 
I also had a Flamer toting Grey Hunter squad in reserve in a borrowed Drop Pod.
D brought Grey Knights including a Dreadknight, 2 x Terminator Squads with a Termie Librarian and 2 x Purifiers (I think thats what they are called).  He held his Termies in reserve.
Facing off against each other.  We were playing capture the objectives with Victory Points for holding one of the 3 objectives at the end of the game, points for every group of 3 Hull Points we stripped from the Blades, and points for First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker.
Rays Blade opened the account by smashing D's Purifiers although not hard enough to wipe a squad.
Ray repositioned his tanks forward, while Dale swung his Raider around our Blades flanks so they could both bring the rain down on it.
Happy Ray as they start the process to strip the Blade down
I push up my flank to get some cover between me and the big guns and have a crack at Rays Veterans who are lurking at the back.  Neither D or myself managed to get our reserves in.
Blade-off - playing with Blades in a 2000 point match is just silly - they spent 3 turns doing not much more than shooting at each other - though we were at a disadvantage as Ray's other tanks could also shoot our Blade giving his Blade the chance to reach out and touch some of our squads with its big gun.
Dale disembarked his Grey Hunters into the ruins and backed away with his Razorback - sniping my Warlord with the tin linked Las and the Hunters Plasma.
Ray rather cannily hid his forces behind terrain and the tanks meaning there wasn't a huge amount our guys could get at without going through his Blade.  Here we started the process of whittling away at its Hull Points.
Getting my guys behind some cover, ready to charge Dales Grey Hunters hiding behind the wall and Rays softer, gooier Guardsmen.
D pushes a Strkie squad onto a building holding one of the objectives.  Ray and Dale didn't bother going for the objectives - choosing instead the easier path of wiping us both off the board.
Rays Blade lining up a shot on my Wolves.
From the Blades point of view.
My Blade down to one hull point after Dale managed to fluff his rolls with his Long Fangs.
Turn 3 and we finally manage to get some guys in from reserve.  D brings in his Termie Librarian and Terminator  bodyguard and promptly fluffs all his shooting attacks against Rays Vets.
I disembark my Grey Hunters from the Rhino with a view to applying the Melta Gun to the side of that Blade.
A mix of shooting and jammy psychic rolls from Rays Command and Vet Squads sees all but one of D's Terminators (including the Librarian giving Ray a point for Slay the Warlord) killed.  This shot also shows the First Blood of the game which also happened on Turn 3 - Dales Razorback got smashed by my Thunder Wolves in combat - it was the first unit to be wiped although by then lots of our stuff had been whittled down but not quite finished off.
Dale disembarks his Terminators and then goes D's Dreadknight in the shooting and combat phase.
Having fluffed my Melta roll against the Blade I decide to try a long range assault on Rays Command Squad.  Ray hadn't realise how many Hunters there were given the camo effect (base primer) of the two on the bottom left hiding in the terrain piece.
Rays eclectic Command Squad lurking behind the Blade.
Needing an 8 to get into combat I roll an 11 but promptly lose 3 guys on the way in to overwatching Plasma Guns.
A swirling melee erupts in the shadow of the Blade with me going first with my higher initiative.  Rays Veteran Bodyguards do their duty throwing themselves onto the blades of the Wolves giving their Commanders time to draw their Power Weapons.
The outcome of the combat was not in my favour with plenty of AP3 and AP2 wounds received wiping my squad out.  D manages to get his Dreadknight into combat with the Blade, but by this time our ineptitude with our dice rolls is showing and he fluffs all his attacks.  That was the theme of the afternoon - with neither D or myself having much luck at all with our rolls.
My other squad of Hunters finally pods in but its too little too late.
Ray checking the BRB for the umpteenth time - we really need to play more often or agree a set of house rules as we spent so much of our time opening up and checking different books for the different rules and their interactions with other rules throughout the whole game.
The final tally showing the game finished up 5-4 in Ray and Dales favour, although thinking on it now its actually 6-4 as they killed our Blade which is also a Warlord so they get another point for that.

Although me and D got beaten solidly during the game - it was a great laugh.  Getting together with the lads and throwing dice, having a whinge about the missus' or getting into quarrels like a married couple with Ray is why I'm in this hobby.

Cheers all,