Tuesday, 29 September 2015

070. Painting pledge complete and the rest of the year...

As the title says, the painting pledge I committed to at the start of the year with the lads in my little gaming group has been finished.  With the last few brush strokes and some scatter flock the final 6 Boys were done rounding out my pledge.
The last 6 Boys just prior to being finished.
These aren't great photos but they demonstrate ably what I have done this year.  When I posted it to the lads I mentioned how its not been on the timetable I'd have liked, with certain units dragging on as the painting mojo ebbed and flowed during the year - I had hoped to knock the whole pledge off back in June/July.  It doesn't look a lot but its more than my total output in any of the prior recent years.
My 2015 painting pledge all finished - quite a bit chuffed with myself
It also means I have a rough 1,000 point Ork force fully painted; which is something I haven't been able to say about any Army I own since I was about 14 and had a rough and ready Ultramarine force.  Granted Orks I have found Orks are much easier to knock out, owing to their (or at least my approach) dirty/messy style not requiring extreme neatness and fine line highlights.   Having said that, everything has been painted to the 3 colour minimum, with a base, layer, highlight and wash, with some 'advanced' techniques like sponge weathering and chipping, freehand (dags and checks are still free hand!) etc.  I'm mighty chuffed that I got this done as in recent years it has been hard to stay motivated on any one project for long, or to see things through.  For this I can thanks the lads in my gaming group and my fellow bloggers here on the blog (particularly those who without fail have left an encouraging comment on each repetitive WIP post) for keeping me on track and motivating me to push on when things dragged.
My rough 1,000 points of painted Orks
More Orks lurk on the shelves of shame including another 30 Boys!!!!!!!  I'm going to need a palette cleanser before I tackle those after knocking out the last 20.  Not shown is a FW Killkrusha Tank I treated myself too on my birthday which is sitting in a box waiting to be built.
So having finished the last of the Boys I had a spare couple of months available in this calendar year to either carry on with my Orks (I have more lurking on the shelves of shame and in a box) or jump into something new - which could be terrain, an early start on next years pledge (already lined up a Nurgle Chaos Lost and the Damned mixed composition force), any of the various Marine projects I have on the shelves or something different.  I settled on a mix of more Orks as I enjoy painting them, and something different - some of my random models and kitbashes I'd been collecting to form the basis of Necromundan/Inquisimunda gangs.
My current WIP - some more Nobs and some odds and sods I'd started but not finished
Lurking on the sidelines, some more odd bods that I will pick and choose from between now and New Year when the 2016 pledge will kick off

So cheers all again for stopping by.  Keep on painting and blogging - it provides no end of motivation, even if I am lax and don't comment on all the awesome content that comes up in the blog roll.




  1. Awesome dude, well done on completing your pledge. They look really good. I am trying to get 1000pts done on my carnival project painted so I can feel your pain about waning motivations. Good lick with the rest. Maybe 2000pts by next year? ;)

    1. Cheers mate. At this stage the expansion to 2000 points will be haphazard rather than planned. I'm going for 1000 points of Lost and Damned next year I think.

  2. Ooh. Missed this one when it happened - good to hit a goal, nice to see that you've still got stuff on the shelf too.

    1. Thanks Z. Oh there is plenty still up on the shelves of shame.

  3. Thanks a lot Drax. I was right chuffed at the time and still very much am, even if my productivity has dropped significantly with the lack of fixed communal goal with the lads now I finished what i set out to do.