Saturday, 26 December 2015

074. Merry Christmas and December challege complete...

The December 2015 finished minis
Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope you and yours have had a lovely Christmas period with family and friends and if you've been extra lucky, you were blessed with new hobby goodness.

As per the title, I finished the painting challenge I set myself earlier this week - knocking off the last bits of the Big Guns (sans crew).  I even made a start at the crew, with the view to getting them done by the time I go back to work in the second week of January.
Nobs finished earlier this month
Big guns finished this week

Being on leave gave me plenty of time to finish f the Nobs I'd started earlier on, and then work from start to finish on the guns.  It helps that the guns are mainly just dry brushed metals and washes, though I did pick out some parts for the scuffed red armour treatment as well as spot white and checks.  I also threw in some copper panels and verdigris.  

The Big Lobba - The attached crew member sports a blue peaked cap taken from a fallen Praetorian - C/- Col. Acklands mob

Killkannon number 1

Killkannon number 2

The 3 smaller big guns together

Thinking there was still too much plain metal going on, I made up a powder wash and got some extra colour onto the metal gun decks, as well as picking out some wires in yellow on the Supa Kannon.
The Supa Kannon got some extra yellow splashed on it for wires and gubbins.  You can also see some of the powder treatment on the firing platform
The other side
The crew and overseer - I think he's an old Games Day Fantasy Orc Black Boss

The crew showing the rear side of the Overseer where I've started on his shield

So that's December done - this year must rank as my most productive year for miniature painting since I was a 12/13 year old.  My Orks took a massive step towards completion - though there are another 30 Boys sitting on my shelves of shame to finish off.  Next year I will be parking my Orks in favour of working on a mixed Chaos Marine, Daemon and Renegade force I have been slowly accumulating.  More on that in the new year.

Enjoy the remainder of the festive season/new years period.

Happy hobby all,


Friday, 11 December 2015

073. Holidays and December challenge update...

I'm on my 4.5 weeks summer holidays.  This is the only time of year I always take off  (excluding a few random days during the year).  This year, with the kidlett being 2.5, I expect i'll have more demands on my time from her than I did last year, though I still expect to get some time to myself to do hobby, play Fallout and paint the next room in the house (this has become a holiday tradition - waiting until the heat really kicks in and then locking myself in one of the rooms of the house for two days inhaling paint fumes and dehydrating).

4 more Nobs ready to join the Waaagh!

Today I was kid and missus free, with my mother kindly taking the kid so I could get a few things done around the house, and the missus at work all day.  Around other tasks, I managed to sit down for an hour and finsih of the 4 Nobs I have been working on - 3 belonging to the Nob mob, and one being the Nob of the first mob of 20 Orks I painted earlier in the year.
Big Guns and Crew primed
Having finished those 4 off, I cracked on with the next part of my December challenge and primed the Big Guns and their Crew (I primed them at the same time as I already had the airbrush out - not sure if I'll paint them up just yet though).  This afternoon, I started the basic blocking in of metal colours using the Vallejo Tin Bitz equibalent.  Tonight once I'm home from my mam and dads I'll go in and dry brush the Vallejo Boltgun Metal equivalent and then wash them.
Big Guns base coated
Bases/Crew base coated
Cheers all,


Thursday, 3 December 2015

072. December challenge...

Having blitzed the 2015 painting challenge I set myself earlier in the year, I've been dragging my feet painting the few Orks and other bits and bobs that were sitting on my desk.  Fallout 4 may also have contributed to my non-hobby effort.
To reinvigorate myself going into the end of the year, and to prep for next year I have decided to give myself a mini painting challenge complete with reward.

The challenge I have set myself is to finish the 4 Ork Nobs I'd started, as well as the Ork Big Gunz I got a few months back.  A stretch goal is to make a start on the Big Geezer himself, Ghaz!

4 Nobs to finish off
Then these Big Guns - I have crew but they aren't part of the challenge
Bonus round - the Mighty Ghaz!
Now the reward.  If I can get the Nobs and Big Guns done, I'm going to splash out and buy some new minis (one glance at my unpainted horde on the shelves of shame has me wondering why I need any more!).  What I propose is to pick up a few odds and sods for my Chaos Renegades/Lost and the Damned which will be my paint challenge army for next year.  I'm going to be on leave from work for nearly 5 weeks over Xmas and new year so should have plenty of time to manage this little mini challenge, and the money I normally have allocated for bus fairs and coffee/tea can be set aside for my reward.

I've been sat back at my desk diligently for the last three nights, only for half an hour at a time (I've been having issues with my back and joints again so sitting for longer periods after sitting all day at work isn't great), but that's been sufficient to move my Nobs on passed the skin and teeth/claws phase, and onto the leather bits.  Tomorrow should see that part done, and then its just pants and shirts and going back into highlight the metal work where I've spotted bits of over brushed green/red etc.
Hard to tell the difference, but these Orks now have all their skin done and their teeth/claws finished.  They also have (not pictured) the first layer of brown down for the leather
I think my challenge goals are well attainable in the time allotted and the scent of reward should spur me on!  Next update should be finished Nobs.

Cheers all,


PS - for those that haven't already seen it - go check out Rays fantastic home built Windmill HERE - I'm looking forward to throwing my green tide against the plucky Praetorian defenders.