Thursday, 3 December 2015

072. December challenge...

Having blitzed the 2015 painting challenge I set myself earlier in the year, I've been dragging my feet painting the few Orks and other bits and bobs that were sitting on my desk.  Fallout 4 may also have contributed to my non-hobby effort.
To reinvigorate myself going into the end of the year, and to prep for next year I have decided to give myself a mini painting challenge complete with reward.

The challenge I have set myself is to finish the 4 Ork Nobs I'd started, as well as the Ork Big Gunz I got a few months back.  A stretch goal is to make a start on the Big Geezer himself, Ghaz!

4 Nobs to finish off
Then these Big Guns - I have crew but they aren't part of the challenge
Bonus round - the Mighty Ghaz!
Now the reward.  If I can get the Nobs and Big Guns done, I'm going to splash out and buy some new minis (one glance at my unpainted horde on the shelves of shame has me wondering why I need any more!).  What I propose is to pick up a few odds and sods for my Chaos Renegades/Lost and the Damned which will be my paint challenge army for next year.  I'm going to be on leave from work for nearly 5 weeks over Xmas and new year so should have plenty of time to manage this little mini challenge, and the money I normally have allocated for bus fairs and coffee/tea can be set aside for my reward.

I've been sat back at my desk diligently for the last three nights, only for half an hour at a time (I've been having issues with my back and joints again so sitting for longer periods after sitting all day at work isn't great), but that's been sufficient to move my Nobs on passed the skin and teeth/claws phase, and onto the leather bits.  Tomorrow should see that part done, and then its just pants and shirts and going back into highlight the metal work where I've spotted bits of over brushed green/red etc.
Hard to tell the difference, but these Orks now have all their skin done and their teeth/claws finished.  They also have (not pictured) the first layer of brown down for the leather
I think my challenge goals are well attainable in the time allotted and the scent of reward should spur me on!  Next update should be finished Nobs.

Cheers all,


PS - for those that haven't already seen it - go check out Rays fantastic home built Windmill HERE - I'm looking forward to throwing my green tide against the plucky Praetorian defenders.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Sorry to hear about the back issues again.
    The Nobs are coming along nicely as always. I think you can hardly call it dragging your feet. Your dedication to continuous painting makes me Ork green with envy!
    Out of everything I am really looking forward to having to face those big guns! Its nice to have a new battlefield challenge to consider. ;)

    1. Cheers Ackland. With Grot Gunners they are almost as accurate as a Guardsman! So watch out as pie plates start getting flung around willy nilly. I'm really looking forward to the back scatter.

  2. Looking good, man! Digging how they're coming together, and those big guns are gonna look ace!

    1. Thanks Mord. I'm thinking a scheme like my Kans with metal (obviously) red and white, and copper with verdigris.

  3. Of course you need more.

    You deserve more.

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    2. LOL. I imagine a little Z sitting on your shoulder whispering "All the things, buy all of them!"

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