Friday, 11 December 2015

073. Holidays and December challenge update...

I'm on my 4.5 weeks summer holidays.  This is the only time of year I always take off  (excluding a few random days during the year).  This year, with the kidlett being 2.5, I expect i'll have more demands on my time from her than I did last year, though I still expect to get some time to myself to do hobby, play Fallout and paint the next room in the house (this has become a holiday tradition - waiting until the heat really kicks in and then locking myself in one of the rooms of the house for two days inhaling paint fumes and dehydrating).

4 more Nobs ready to join the Waaagh!

Today I was kid and missus free, with my mother kindly taking the kid so I could get a few things done around the house, and the missus at work all day.  Around other tasks, I managed to sit down for an hour and finsih of the 4 Nobs I have been working on - 3 belonging to the Nob mob, and one being the Nob of the first mob of 20 Orks I painted earlier in the year.
Big Guns and Crew primed
Having finished those 4 off, I cracked on with the next part of my December challenge and primed the Big Guns and their Crew (I primed them at the same time as I already had the airbrush out - not sure if I'll paint them up just yet though).  This afternoon, I started the basic blocking in of metal colours using the Vallejo Tin Bitz equibalent.  Tonight once I'm home from my mam and dads I'll go in and dry brush the Vallejo Boltgun Metal equivalent and then wash them.
Big Guns base coated
Bases/Crew base coated
Cheers all,



  1. Where are the big guns from ?

    And now imagining your matrimonial postprandial conversation. "What did you do today, dearest ?" "I polished my Nobz, my love......"

    1. Ha. I think something like that every time I type the word Nobs!

      The guns are the FW Kill Kannon, Supa Kannon and Big Lobba.

  2. Great to hear you are on holiday break and you are finding some time to work on models! Your nobs are looking really nice. I like the big guns too; they are coming along really nicely. I look forward to seeing them progress. :)

    1. Cheers Adam. I'm well into the guns now after a decent session at the paint desk yesterday. I love painting my ork stuff as my lack of fine control over the brush is not as much a hindrance. I can hit the obvious highlights fine, and a dry brush/wash/spot highlight works well on the metals that ate prevalent throughout the range. With more practice and effort from my side I'm sure I could tighten up the painting on the non skin/non metal parts; but as it stands, I'm well satisfied with how they look for my gaming purposes. I'll leave the higher standard painting to my me bespoke figures like the Necro/Inq28 stuff I've got on the side lines.