Saturday, 26 December 2015

074. Merry Christmas and December challege complete...

The December 2015 finished minis
Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope you and yours have had a lovely Christmas period with family and friends and if you've been extra lucky, you were blessed with new hobby goodness.

As per the title, I finished the painting challenge I set myself earlier this week - knocking off the last bits of the Big Guns (sans crew).  I even made a start at the crew, with the view to getting them done by the time I go back to work in the second week of January.
Nobs finished earlier this month
Big guns finished this week

Being on leave gave me plenty of time to finish f the Nobs I'd started earlier on, and then work from start to finish on the guns.  It helps that the guns are mainly just dry brushed metals and washes, though I did pick out some parts for the scuffed red armour treatment as well as spot white and checks.  I also threw in some copper panels and verdigris.  

The Big Lobba - The attached crew member sports a blue peaked cap taken from a fallen Praetorian - C/- Col. Acklands mob

Killkannon number 1

Killkannon number 2

The 3 smaller big guns together

Thinking there was still too much plain metal going on, I made up a powder wash and got some extra colour onto the metal gun decks, as well as picking out some wires in yellow on the Supa Kannon.
The Supa Kannon got some extra yellow splashed on it for wires and gubbins.  You can also see some of the powder treatment on the firing platform
The other side
The crew and overseer - I think he's an old Games Day Fantasy Orc Black Boss

The crew showing the rear side of the Overseer where I've started on his shield

So that's December done - this year must rank as my most productive year for miniature painting since I was a 12/13 year old.  My Orks took a massive step towards completion - though there are another 30 Boys sitting on my shelves of shame to finish off.  Next year I will be parking my Orks in favour of working on a mixed Chaos Marine, Daemon and Renegade force I have been slowly accumulating.  More on that in the new year.

Enjoy the remainder of the festive season/new years period.

Happy hobby all,



  1. Beautifully done, man! A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Happy holidays!

    Great to see you finished your painting challenge! The big guns look really nice. I love the goblin crew members! Good to hear the year has been your most successful for painting models for a long time. I can say the same for me too (painting four models); but that is argely because I had not painted any models for six or seven years, ha ha.

    I look forward to seeing the Chaos models you start working on in the new year!

    1. Cheers Adam. You may only have gotten 4 models painted but they were corkers!

      Crack on next year, I'm looking forwards to what you and the lads get up to.

  3. Great stuff dude. They look smashing. Some fab progress on your orks. Maybe an army shot when you have done the rest in Jan?

    Merry Christmas! :)

    1. Definitely will put up an army shot when I finish the crew.

      Thanks Naf

  4. Nice work on the Orktillery. I'm glad I'm down there.

  5. Not. "I'm glad I'm NOT down there." Who wants to face someone else with numbers and firepower ?

    1. Ha - I am looking forward to lobbing artillery at Ray and his Praetorians for a change. My Boys are still slightly more expensive than his Guardsmen I think, though we'd be close to even-stevens if we both took a foot/artillery force.

  6. The Kannon's are terrific. The checkering is insane though; you are a patient man.

    1. Cheers Bacon. The beauty about Orks is you don't need perfection so the checks aren't perfect.

  7. I do like your worn metal. No-one does it better, I think. Really nice.

    Happy New Year - here's to another one!

    1. Thankyou kindly Col.

      It's just rolled over into the new year here. All the best to 2016 for you when it rolls around.