Sunday, 20 November 2016

080. Horus Rising...

It’s been a while between drinks.  Since the last post things have slowed, picked up, slowed again and then fired right off on the hobby front.
Horus "Lupercal" - The Warmaster
For a period the Orks I had been working on, the Shoota Boys, languished in a state of semi-paint.  I lost a bit of interest in them so went looking for inspiration to fire me up again in my collection of Black Library books.  That led to a re-read of John French’s fantastic Ahriman series, as well as ADB’s Talon of Horus (ToH), and select Horus Heresy stories.  The ToH book in particular really got my imagination stirring so I went rummaging through my shelves of shame and pulled out the FW Abaddon and Horus figures and thought about how to tackle them.
Horis "Lupercal" - The Warmaster - Base Detail
I have half of the HH character series models but have always put off doing much with them for fear of making a mess of it.  I put that fear aside after finishing ToH and launched into Horus.  My 3 year old daughter has been showing more and more interest in my ‘toys’ and so I let her ‘help’ me when it came to setting some basic colours down and doing some dry brushing on the base – she was actually half decent (under supervision) and expressed a keen interest in doing more at a later time.  

I moved back and forth for a while between the base and model before finally getting it sorted after a last push following completion of a re-read of the seminal Horus Rising.  I’m quite chuffed with how he turned out, particularly with his base and the blending of his cloak (blending not being something I generally get much into), though if I had my time again I’d approach the wolf skin differently (more brown, less grey) as well as blend/glaze the armour rather than edge highlight it. 
Horus "Lupercal" - The Warmaster - Base detail and rear cloak
Following Horus, I parked my plans for Abaddon as I’d picked up a number of bargains for my Orks on one of our local buy/swap/sell pages.  I managed to grab a couple of boxes of Lootas/Burnas and a box of Storm Boys, giving my horde some much-needed dakka and an alternate assault unit to my ever dependable Nobs.  But then that's a post for another day

Cheers all,



  1. Beautifully done, man - he turned out looking fantastic!

  2. Fantastic work on Horus! I particularly love the reds on the model. The cape looks great. The base looks great too, I love the color of it (what paints did you use for it?). Good luck painting Abaddon!

    I too have a bunch of the Primarch models. I have yet to bring myself to actually paint one. I think if I do the first I would paint is Guilliman. :)

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Cheers Adam. The cloak and base are definitely my favorite bits. The bade had loads of coloyrs worked over it in semi washes/glazes invluding GW/Vallejo/Secret Weapon. The thing that really finished it was thinned Secret Weapon Black and Brown washes which came out with a dirty green look. I also used some brown tone powders.

      Mortarian or Guilliman will be up next in the Primarch stakes for me depending on if i can settle on a blue for big G.

  3. He looks good. Whither Loken ?

    1. Lokens also in the sidelines, never fear. Abaddon is in front only for the mental picture painted reading Talon of Horus.

  4. Nicely done mate! A really good paintjob on a very detailed mini. Glad you are getting the wee one involved too!

    Nice to see you posting again btw.

    1. Cheers Dai. And yes, it was a while between drinks - time sometimes just slips by.