Sunday, 27 November 2016

082. WIP Converted Nurgle Chaos Champion and terrain possibilities...

I've really gotten on board with the direction in the new WD and the way the 'community team' is coming together.  GW are really heading back towards what I loved around the mid 90's-early 00's.  I've started picking up the WD again following the relaunch and with that copy you got a free miniature - a Warriors of Chaos Lord (Slaughterpriest I think the official name is).
Converted Nurgle Lord - front shot
Free miniatures are always nice, particularly when these ones retail in Australia at $50 a pop; however, I wasn't quite sure what to do with this chap seeing as my Chas focus always leans towards Nurgle.  After pondering it for a while, there isn't actually a lot of sculpted detail that screams Khorne that would be insurmountable to remove, and while the figure doesn't have some of the classic Nurgle tropes (distended belly being the big one), I figured I could make do.
Converted Nurgle Lord - the skulls on the base hark back to this models time in the Khorne camp!
So pulling out the greenstuff I got to work modifying the model by:
- filling in the helmet detail including the Khorne symbol and eye slots
- placing three buboes on the forehead in place of the Khorne symbol, and making a single, cyclopean hole at the vision slot
- greenstuffed over the Khorne symbol on the belt and marked in a Nurgle fly device in its place
- greenstuffed a triad of dots onto the front of the right shoulder pad, and another Nurgle fly device on the rear of that pad - these two changes serve to obscure the armour detail which had formed the Khorne symbol
- greenstuffed a buboes triad on the right elbow
- removed the skull spike from the left shoulder and greenstuffed in its place a horn/bone spur and rotten/nurglified flesh
- greenstuffed over the left leg upper armour guard which had a raised Khornate device on the armour and made it look like rotten/flesh armour.  I wasn't able to do the same to the right side but it's occluded by the sword/sword arm and isn't as obvious.
Converted Nurgle Lord - rear shot
The Dort again helped build the model and base him - it was on her advice that lots of skulls (or heads as she calls them) were added to the base.  She also painted the base at the same time we had completed the previous Orks and I picked out the skulls and started putting some other colours down while waiting for different colours to dry on the Orks.  He's still very very early WIP but she's got an eye for colour already. 

The figure is a ways off obviously, and if I ever pick up some Blight Kings is likely to receive further modifications, but ultimately at this stage I am quite happy with how he looks, and imagine once he is painted to the same finish as my previous Nurgle Lord, he will fit into my Lost and the Damned force nicely.
Home made terrrain plans with the Dort
I've also been thinking of ways to get the Dort more involved with the hobby without having to sacrifice minis I'm currently working on to her 3-year-old skills.  To that end, and based on something unrelated Ray had been talking about in one of our group chats, I dug out my old 'How to make terrain' books and showed them to the Dort.  She got quite excited about the idea of doing 'craft' with her dad so we might end up doing something along those lines either one weekend or when I'm on my Xmas leave (soon).  The Industrial Site looks like something we could whip up without too much fuss with gear we have laying about the house.

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  1. Your Nurgle Champion is pip dude. Can't wait to see what you and your 'mini me'come up with in craft time. She is going to love it! :)

    1. She's been collecting bog roll tubes like mad. Each time she finishes a roll she comes running into the hobby room to add it to her pile. God knows what I'm going to make out of the pile I've got so far.

  2. I've got one who is a compulsive cardboard box hoarder. Apparently one day it will be a robot.

    I don't suppose I could push you a little further on the 'new WD direction ?' I bought last months and wasn't particularly impressed.

    1. I think I've gotten energised by the new community outreach approach GW has taken the last 6 months and WD is a factor in that. They are obviously really trying to hit what people want when they talk about their memories from past WD iterations. They have lots of different article types from across WD history and are responding to feedback as they go. Last month's battle report for instance not only had the classic map back, but also brought back wound and kill markers on the map. Content wise they have given some nice, more in depth interview/behind the scenes style content, not quite on par with what i remembered from my early WDs, but it's definitely not been the advert/catalogue of recent times. There is so duff content in there, and the price crept up $5 since i last bought it, but it seems to be hitting all the nostalgia strings for me and is helping maintain my hobby high after a period of years in which i was at the point of packing it all in and leaving the scene (which is a bit of a silly attitude i know to hold towards a toy companies product).

    2. I think on more reflection new WD gives me enough of a happy nostalgia kick that i want to use to maintain positivity about something (even something as inane as miniature collecting) when other things in life are less engaging.

      Its nice to be positively re engaged with something that brought quite a lot of happy memories as a kid/teenager.

  3. Keep in mind, Nurgle's gifts aren't always buboes and poxes that cause rot and bloating. He's as likely to "just" gift a nasty rash, extreme halitosis or webbed toes. :)

    Like him though so far!

    1. That's a great way to consider it. Cheers Dai