Thursday, 1 December 2016

083. More Orks join the Waagh...

I have gotten slightly distracted over the last little bit by the receipt of another bargain from the buy/swap/sell pages – picking up some more Boys which I’ll be using to fill up some of the Mobs (and make sure I can run WYSIWG on the Big Shootas/Rokkits) andas well as to use together with left over Loota bits to grow the number of Lootas.  I also nabbed some Warbikes.  
The random Boys to fill up the ranks with Nob, Big Shoota, Shoota and Rokkit options covered
I just love the Ork kits - the expression and build options are immense
Again, the kidlett jumped on the chance to help me build them and so over a couple of days/nights we sat down again to start the clipping sequence.  We got the various Boys bashed out fairly  quickly as well as converted a spare Assault on Black Reach Deffkopta I had in the bits box (the Dort loves picking through the bits boxes) to sport twin linked Big Shootas (or in this instance a lot of Dakka subbing as twin linked Big Shootas) in place of the pre molded twin linked Rokkits.
Our first converted Deffkopta sporting extra dakka to use as a twin linked Big Shoota - extra armour plates to cover up the rough internal conversion work courtesy of the Killer Kan set and some plasticard and other gubbins
Dakka dakka dakka
Having the dort engaged is something I’m actually really enjoying as she is at an age where she likes natters to you about her day (she’s emulating me and the missus at the kitchen table after work), and engages in general chit chat that isn’t dominated by politics, or work – although the life of a three year old is apparently quite complex and onerous if she is to be believed.
Warbikes and extra Lootas join the completed build pile
We followed the Deffkopta with the three Warbikes and then the other two Deffkoptas, one of which received a Buzzsaw upgrade to go with the twin linked Big Shootas, while the other one received my take on the Kustom Mega Blasta (a spare Mek Gun from the Loota frame), as well as an extra Rokkit to make it extra killy.  The conversion work is fairly rough as the stock models are two part casts in the main which made it harder to slot pieces in/out and overall look is rough and ramshackle - but I think (and the Dort agreed for what the view of a 3 year old is worth) that they look suitably Orky and Dakka.
And then the other two Deffkoptas got a look in
At this stage I think I am still on track to get the 50ish Orks we had started a fortnight or so ago finished by New Years, and may even squeak in some of the new additions from this week.
Twin linked Big Shootas (left), twin linked Big Shootas and Buzzsaw (middle), Kustom Mega Blasta (right)
The big question for me is when do I call the force done?  Right now I can see I want to grow the Storm Boys  have out to at least 10 models (but more likely 15 - assuming I can sufficiently modify the stock poses so I don’t end up with a unit looking same-same), and again want to take the Warbikes out to at least 9 or 10 (maybe trying to get my hands on some of those lovely FW Bikes while I'm at it).  I’m on the lookout all the time now on the buy/swap/sell and eBay for bargains to help me on my way.  
Converted Deffkoptas - the other side
After those potential additions, the force as it currently stands is light on transport (currently non-existent) so some Trukks and/or Battle Wagons are on the cards; and I do like the visual look of the Gorkanought, even if the transport capacity isn’t flash.  I also want to get something to help deal with tanks and other mech which the Lootas may do but you can never have too much dakka, so maybe some Tank Bustas would be a worthwhile investment, and then if they ever release a new Wartrakk  I'd have to have some of those….

Enjoy all and happy hobby,

Liam (and the kidlett)


  1. So much stuff.... O_o I'd go nutz knowing that massive pile was ahead of me on my paint queue... You sir, are a nutter.

    1. I'm not sure how bloggers like Mordian or Mr Z manage to crank out so much in such a short time. I normally paint in small batches of 4 or 5 at a time. I'm currently doing 50! While its pleasing to see progress on a project en masse, is a real slog. So when this lot enter the queue I'll definitely revert to small sub squad sized groups.

    2. I have no idea how those two paint mass figs either. Like you, I do better in small handfuls of figs.

  2. (I pay other people to do it. Shhhhhhh ! Don't let on, it's a secret)

    1. Ha. The missus would have something to say if i tried that approach i think.

  3. You might like popping into Game and seeing if any of the Revell released sets containing Black reach ork sprues are to your liking. One of them conyains the Warboss, 'Eavy Shoota boys and a Deffkopta. Decent price as well.